Exclusive Excerpt from Beast by Ella James





His hands come up to frame my face. His eyes on me are burning. “Sweet eighteen.” One hand reaches between us. I feel the weight of it between my thighs. It wriggles between them, reaches up, and then his palm is covering my pussy.


He curls his fingers. I can feel one of them pressing right over…my… “You’re panting,” he says slowly. “You do want me.”
“For a long time,” I confess. My legs tremble as his fingertip presses through my dress, my panties. Oh my God, it’s pushing into my…entrance.

My eyes slide shut.
My breaths grow ragged.

“Little eighteen. I won’t fuck you. You should wait. Someone you know. Someone who cares.” He slides his hand away, leaving the core of me screaming with lust, and my eyes open—just in time to see the look of satisfaction on his face as he slides underneath my dress and pushes past my panties.

One smooth motion and he’s parting my lips. He’s gliding a finger between them, sliding easily inside. His finger goes in deep. I groan.
I can feel his other arm around me, pressing me against him, holding me up.

“Do you like me inside you? Does it make you feel full?”
I nod. I push against his hand, try to lift my hips.
“I think you want to come.”

I’m so lust-drunk, I can only moan.

“Come with me.”

And, because my body is motionless, gone numb except for where I feel his finger buried deep inside me—Ricardo Condor scoops me up and carries me.

His finger stays inside. He pumps it in and drags it out, as his other arm holds me to his chest. Air quivers in and out of my mouth, like one time I hyperventilated in a school play. The inside of my thighs press against his hard forearm. I moan as he pushes in a little deeper. I clench as he glides out. Then in.

I think there’s stairs.

I know there is his face. His concentrating face.

Then a door swings open, I see yellow walls, I feel something soft beneath my back. And then he’s there on the bed, kneeling between my knees. He’s Cal Hammond. Ricardo Condor. He’s leaning down, his face over my hips, his eyes on mine.

“I’m going to do something I think you’ll enjoy.” His hand strokes up my thigh. “But you’ll have to trust me.”



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