5 Star Review – Decidedly With Baby by Stina Lindenblatt

5 Star Review – Decidedly With Baby by Stina Lindenblatt













One-Night Stand Rule #1: always check the condom’s expiry date.

Career-orientated Holly Whittaker has a plan, and being a mom is not part of it. Her not-quite-a-fairytale childhood involved being brought up by thirty nannies (yes, thirty!), so what the heck does she know about being a mom anyway?

Playboy Josh Hoffer has no room in his life for a family or steady girlfriend. His hockey career comes first. Life is tough when you’re on the road more times than you’re not. Besides, what does he know about diapers and baby yoga and fairytale princesses?

After Holly receives some unexpected bad news, she’s looking to blow off a little steam, and hot sex with Mr. No Commitment himself fits the bill just fine. But sex is never without consequences, and this time it’s more than her heart that is at stake. This time, Mr. No Commitment and Ms. Career need to figure out what’s really important to them and find room in their heart for another—plus one.


Warning: Contains naughty texts, shower sex, and enough profanities to fill an oversized swear-word jar.



























Stina Lindenblatt is back with the second By the Bay book and holy exploding ovaries readers, this book is all kinds of awesome, I loved it. It has rocketed to my favourite books of the year list and it’s not just because of that cover.

I’m not kidding when I say holy exploding ovaries here readers. That cover alone sucked me in, hello….hot guy with a baby, awwwww overload. But when I was reading it, OMG, the hero Josh melted my panties, ovaries and heart. Le sigh……

From the opening page to the very last one that I turned with a happy sigh (okay I may have immediately gone back and re-read the last chapter which turned into a skim re-read, whoops), I absolutely loved this story.

For fans of contemporary reads, this is a must to add to your list. Why you may ask? Well let me list the reasons.

1. Hot hockey player
2. So many laugh out loud moments that you do not want to be reading it in public or be ready for some weird looks. I speak from experience here.
3. Hot sexy times
4. Hot hockey player, who becomes an even hotter DILF
5. An unexpected baby that brings two confirmed singles together which of course can only lead to love.
6. Did I mention the hot DILF?
7. Holly, the heroine of the story. She is fantastic.
8. Too many ovary quivering moments to mention.
9. The too funny for words HDF group and it’s initiation
10. Finally HOT DILF!!!!

Seriously, there was so much to love about this book it’s hard to capture it all in a review worthy of the fun I had while reading this book.

I can’t forget to talk about Holly. I absolutely adored her. She was the type of heroine that you want to be real so she can be your bestie. There were times when I was reading that she left me wiping tears of laughter away with the things she came out with. Plus her family was hysterical.

As much as I adored Holly, I can’t stop drooling over Josh. When he goes into daddy mode I was totally lost. There is nothing sexier than a man who will do anything for his woman and when she’s pregnant he goes all uber daddy protective on her, well let’s just say BOOM.

Together these two singles make the perfect pair and with the pitter patter of tiny feet to come, falling in love becomes even more complicated. But fall they will and it’s so fun to watch it happen.

If you are after a book that will satisfy you craving for a romantic comedy that will you will fall head over heels for then do not pass this book up.


























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Born in Brighton England, I have lived in a number of countries, including England, the U.S, Finland, and Canada.

I have a Physical Education degree from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alberta, where I specialized in energy metabolism. Definitely cool stuff (seriously, it is!). I also had the opportunity to work with elite athletes through the universities and at several sport-training facilities (you know, in case you’re wondering why I always have athletes in my stories). During my undergrad, I worked in Helsinki (Finland) for one summer, cleaning bathrooms and saunas in a recreation center for the elderly. The seniors were great. The bathrooms, not so much. I eventually became a pharmaceutical sales representative (not a great one may I add) and now I write full time.

In addition to writing fiction, I love photography, especially the close-up variety, and currently live in Calgary, Canada, with my husband and three kids.


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