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Casting a Movie: Lucas Maxfield from Easy by Tammara Webber

So we did a Author Page for Tammara Webber on March 13th 2013, which you can find Here On that day we had cast a very fine gentleman as Lucas but thanks to the lovely ladies at Rockstars of Romance we now have a name to the delectable man candy on the cover of this amazing book…So ladies for your viewing pleasure and ours,,,we present Dusan Novakovic as Lucas.

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Casting a Movie: Who is your Ethan Blackstone?


For this casting post we are going to do something a little different.  I know many fancy David Gandy as Ethan, I know even Raine herself is a huge Gandy fan…BUT…well there is another gentleman that can play Ethan in a film as well.  So below you will see pictures of both David Gandy and Cory Bond.  Let us know what you think…who is your man?

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Casting a Movie: Ethan, and Brad from Bullet

Let me start of by saying we are not all going to agree on these two and that is more than fine, it is who ever you see.  Just while searching for men that I thought could play Ethan and Brad these are the ones that popped up and I was stunned into silence so therefor the search was done.

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