Alice Clayton, Twitter trend, and a teaser, oh my!

Last Friday, we had an awesome time chatting it up with Alice Clayton on Twitter.  Our amazing subclubbers came up with some wonderful and hilarious questions, it got to the point, unbeknownst to us, that #SweetNuts began trending.  From the infamous seagull scene, to her real life BFF who was the inspiration for the character Holly (she stopped by to chat with us also!), to working together to make Jack & Gracie global, the  interview lasted a little bit past the hour allotted (but you will never see us complaining)!  We had a great time, Alice was such a sweetheart, she even came bearing a gift!   It was a really nice surprise when she told us, she brought a little teaser from book three of The Redhead Series for our subclubbers!   Alice is just an overall rock-star, she was gracious, funny as always, and charmed the pants off of us.  We look forward to having her back soon and making #SweetNuts trend all over again!

Without further ado, I will leave you with the teaser:

He held my arms above my head, teasing my body with his tongue. I arched up underneath him, writhing to bring me closer to his mouth, to him. Naked, under the man I loved more than anything else in the world, I whispered to him, telling him how much I adored him, how much I needed him.

“Soon Crazy, soon,” he chided, letting his mouth circle my breast, as my hands strained to touch him. My skin was on fire, his good weight pressing down on me as I longed to wrap myself around him, in every way possible.

As his teeth nipped, his lips spoke to my skin, told me I was beautiful, I was sexy, I was his. I could feel him, heavy and wanting between my twisting legs, trying to bring him inside, inside me, where I needed to reach him the most.


Our baby is growing!

Our little baby is growing so fast, as we have a new addition!  We would like to officially welcome Kathy to our family, please help us give her a nice warm, fuzzy, Subclubber welcome.  You guys know her as Kathy_Cristina_  on Twitterverse, she brings her charming & crazy tweets to your TL all day.  Let’s give her some love!!!



Hello everyone!  As we all continue to grow, it is of course, not without growing pains.  I am writing this post with a heavy heart, as our founding mothers of THESUBCLUB books have decided to step down.  But please, do not worry your beautiful little hearts; we are all still great friends and once a family, always a family.  At this time, with conflicting schedules, and heavy real life roles, our girls feel it is best to step away.  As the collaborative group that we are, we completely understand and wish them nothing but the best in all they do.  Of course we will continue to Tweet & chat from our personal accounts as always.  From the bottom of our hearts, to the depths of our souls, we thank Andrea, Hayley, and Simone for creating this amazing group for all of us to have fun.  We will treasure our friendship and our bonds forever.  To my three beautiful girls, Andrea, Hayley, and Simone, I will quote your famous words; “See you on the flip side!” XOXO



Welcome Subclubbers!

THESUBCLUBbooks is the name, book domination the game! Need a book recommendation?  Want to review your favourite book?  Or want to chat with the SUBCLUB girls from Twitter?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Put the kettle on, pull up a chair and get comfy…