Sempre (Forever) author shares her thoughts with us…

A special guest post from the talented & passionate,  JM DarhowerAuthor of Sempre (Forever):

In March of 2004, a 14-year old girl in Naples died during a clash between two rival Mafia clans. She’d been standing outside of her house, chatting with her friends, when a man grabbed her and used her as a human shield. A single bullet through the back of the head stole her young life. She was an innocent bystander, a pure soul.

The girl’s name? Annalisa Durante.

Durante? Sound familiar? I’m sure it does for some of you reading this. It’s what I ended up naming the fictitious town in North Carolina where my novel, Sempre (Forever), is predominately set. Finding a location for the book was one of the most difficult decisions I faced when writing it. I pondered many real towns, investigating them and even making plans to visit them in order to do some research, but in the end nothing seemed to fit. So I created my own, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, beautiful and simple, quiet and innocent. It’s a place that’s mostly wholesome and welcoming, where everyone knows each other, but it’s a place that’s threatened by the evil that exists outside of it.  Evil that occasionally invades it, even though most of the citizens are ignorant to that fact. They don’t know just how close they are to danger. They don’t recognize the real-life horrors that exist right next door.

After creating the town came the task of naming it. I went through a few simple mountain town names, cliché ones even, but again nothing felt right. I agonized over it for weeks before I asked myself, what do you call a place where an innocent girl, trapped in an unimaginable horror, victim to the brutal Mafia, finds the life she deserves? What do you call a place that represents freedom, and love, and justice?

When I looked at it that way, it seemed obvious. I named it Durante as a sort of homage to the beautiful young girl who lost her life all those years ago in Italy.

I’m a believer that everything should have meaning. If it doesn’t, what’s the point? Even if the reader doesn’t know the story behind it, the writer does, and the feeling we pour into it, the love we use when crafting it, shines through in our words. We treat things we care about better, so we should care about everything? Even something as simple as a name. Because a name, while little more than a label sometimes, has a way of expressing things that a million words can’t adequately explain.

A creative writing professor once asked us in a class, “If you don’t care about your words, why should the reader?” That’s something I’ve always tried to remember when writing. If I don’t break my own heart, how can I expect to break yours? If I don’t get excited, how can I expect you to? If my stomach doesn’t flutter, if I don’t laugh, if I don’t swoon or get angry or want to throw things, how can I expect you to feel any of those emotions? And if I used a throwaway name, how can I expect you to see what it represents as anything but disposable?

So I try to put my all in everything I create, hoping that it comes through in my words, even if the meaning behind it is unknown. I find it takes me a lot longer, but I think it’s worth it.

As Carmine says in the upcoming (still, unfortunately, unnamed) sequel: “Just because it’s the easy way doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Sometimes it’s better to put in the fucking work.”


We thank JM Darhower for taking the time to write this wonderful and heartfelt post.  Thank you for Sempre (Forever) and most importantly – thank you for your passion.  


Why He Is King…

I’m supposed to sit down and write about Kinglsey.  What to write ABOUT him – well, that is a whole other question.  I want to write about things I want to do with and to King…but I must show some decorum, I suppose.  As I have mentioned in my previous bio, as much as I love to read, I hate to write.  Just being honest, writing truly is an art form and talent – one that I do not possess.  But, in the name of teamwork, I will give it a go. 

Kingsley Edge, to me is epitome of sexy.  With his dark hair, French words, embroidered vests and those ever-long riding boots, this fictional character can cause me to spontaneously self-combust.  I love his dark humor, his c’est la vie attitude towards his social deviance to the vanilla world, his exceptional dedication to protecting his inner circle and clients – he will go to no end to protect them, and even his arrogance.  You see the arrogance ooze off of him throughout the series, yet somehow – Kingsley can own up to it.  He carries the arrogance without the cockiness.  ‘“I’m not arrogant. I’m French.”’ (Submit to Desire)

He is the all-powerful King of the Underground, but cocky, he is not.

‘“I hurt her. I beat her. And she tells me not to stop. Now that, Griffin, is power.” Kingsley kissed Eleanor again on the shoulder. The kiss turned into a bite. “Pardon me, but now I think I need to fuck her.”’ (Griffin in Wonderland)

Kingsley makes my heart beat fast, my pulse explode, my head spin, and my…ahem…you get the point.  Because he is so dominating in his sexuality, it overwhelms me completely.  Sexually, he is unafraid, hot, and very inventive – “Submit to Desire” is one of my favorite shorts from Tiffany Reisz, the things he does…SIGH.

Yet we encounter some scenes where you can clearly see, he is not a deity character without flaws, he has his blemishes, which to me, only adds to his appeal.  While on the surface, his dress, his speech, and his composure is calculated to perfection, underneath the façade, there are little things that I personally find so quirky.  The fact that he needs glasses to read, defy my idolization of his character and makes him more realistic, I am biased towards men with glasses – it’s an odd attraction, but I cannot lie, I love gorgeous men and their spectacles.  Another small imperfection, he has four bullet holes in his body, tainting his perfect body, but it adds to his bad boy appeal (even though the stories of how two of them got there are quite endearing).  The fact that he is so meticulous about his hair and refuses to let anyone touch it, almost to a point of OCD – I believe it defines him. 

The relationships in the series for Kingsley are very three dimensional and pragmatic.  His adoration for Nora in “The Siren” is beyond friendship, he is especially nurturing towards her, they have a history together and the bond is very touching.  As we read further into the series, there is a pivotal point where he has to show Nora his not-so-nice side, but even then, he caves to her.  His loyalty towards Soren is unyielding.  Their history is revealed throughout the series and their bond only grows stronger.  Kingsley also adores submissives and holds them with the utmost respect.

‘“What you must understand is that submissive women are not weak. They are often much stronger than the men who dominate them. They have to be strong and brave to submit without losing themselves.”’ (Submit to Desire)

I can go on and on about why I chose to write about Kingsley – but real life prevents me from sitting in front of this screen all day.  With all of Kingsley’s (very few) flaws, his French, his riding boots, his loyalty and compassion – I absolutely adore him.  Again, I loved his story in “Submit To Desire”; I can only hope that soon enough, we can have a full length Kingsley series!  Je t’aime, mon roi.






In Soren We Trust


“How easily you forgive, Eleanor. How freely you absolve the sins of others. Tell me, little one, when the time comes, how will you absolve yours?”
With the first lash of the whip Nora felt a strip of fire burn across her back. She cried out from a pain so ferocious she nearly choked on it. Like this, Søren, she dared answer only in her mind. This is how.”


            When I read The Siren by Tiffany Reisz, I found myself completely enthralled by Søren.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every character in this story: Nora for her quick wit and determination, Wesley for his huge heart and his need to take care of Nora, Griffin for his sexual prowess, Zach for his no BS attitude and Kingsley for his French awesomeness.  However, I LOVED Søren for his honesty and his darkness.


“Kid, Søren could eat you for breakfast and not even need to chew. Don’t ever fuck with a sadist, Wesley. For Søren, torture’s just foreplay.”


            In the beginning of The Siren, Søren was looked at as the villain.  The sheer size, commanding presence and quiet observation makes the most dominating male run in fear of him. In the underground scene of The 8th Circle, Søren, is considered the Alpha and Omega.   


            Most people that I have talked to about Søren, tell me that he is twisted and some say he is scary. I guess, the twisted part stems from the fact that people just do not understand how a man can inflict so much pain on the person that they love, but the way he loves Eleanor is nothing short of beautiful. As a sadist, the only way Søren can be sexual with Eleanor is to inflict pain on her, but being a sadist is not the only thing that defines him. Søren’s love for her is unconditional and he would give her anything that is in his power to make her happy; even the most selfless act of letting her go.  


            The most memorable moment, for me, is when Nora is explaining to Zach the picture of Jesus. I have never in all my life looked at it the way she describes it and it was also the moment when you catch a glimpse in to how wise Søren is. That moment, was also when I figured out that Søren was a priest, because of Nora’s reference to him only being humbled by Jesus.


            I have expressed to Tiffany Reisz about my views of Søren and she told me that one book I would love him and the next one I will hate him. Well, I really don’t think there is anything that Søren can do that will make me hate him. I may shake my head or give the old “What the Hell were you thinking?” but, that would be the extent of it. He has too big of a heart and his need to do what’s right for people have me standing by his side. I know that some of the things he does may be unconventional but, in his world they may be the only way to save somebody.


Thank you Tiffany for writing such complex characters and introducing me to a world that I find myself lost in. You have such an amazing talent and I cannot wait to read the rest of your series.


Songs that remind me of Soren


Please Don’t Go by Barcelona (Eleanor and Soren’s Song)


Bedroom Hymns by Florence and the Machine










Little Red Riding Crop of Feminism

“Nora… The Siren and the ship and the wine-dark sea.”

When deciding what to write about from Tiffany Reisz “The Siren”, I immediately gravitated towards the character of Nora. There are so many reasons why I find this particular character so fascinating, which include her vibrancy, compassion, kindness, heart, but most of all my firm belief that Nora is a strong feminist character in literature.

Let me start this off by saying I only know very little about the BDSM life style, for lack of a better word I am Vanilla. I know what I know from books I have read and a couple of friends who live this lifestyle and on occasion choose to share some stories with me. In the last year I have noticed that more and more of the mainstream has become intrigue with the BDSM world. We now find number one best sellers that delve into this world and people being more curious about it. There are porn sites that are now getting more and more hits and memberships. The average Joe in the middle of nowhere now has a slight idea of what a flogger or spreader bar is. However, with this newfound curiosity, it also comes with some haters, people who pass judgment on something they do not understand and do not want to. The one judgment that I personally as a self-identifying feminist find completely ludicrous is that BDSM is derogatory towards women. How can a lifestyle that allows women such complete and total sexual liberation be derogatory?

I am a feminist! I wear a bra, and I love men. The main reason that I identify as a feminist is because feminism is about choice, the ability for a woman to know her options and pick the one she wants. From my understanding of BDSM women always have a choice. There are safe words, negotiations, and hard limits. The whole basis of BDSM is Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Nothing is forced on the women, and there are safe words and clauses put into place.

“The hierarchy is disturbing. Women being enslaved to men. Women have fought against such treatment for hundreds of years and yet here-” This passage in the book stuck a cord with me. At this point I stopped reading, put the book down and just contemplated Nora. Can a woman who submits so willingly to a man and lets him beat and use her, be a feminist? The idea of someone beating me so bad and scarring or bruising me has no appeal to me. If my spouse slapped me across the face before intercourse, I would shun away horrified. Then a thought occurred to me, that is me, my preference, does not mean it is someone else’s. Then is dawned on me Nora is not forced into it, she isn’t bought and sold to the highest bidder. She chose this. It’s her sexual freedom, her revolution. “Yet here they willingly and bravely choose to explore those aspects of their sexuality that are less than socially acceptable.” Nora owns her sexuality, she is the boss, it doesn’t matter if she Tops or Bottoms. This is what makes Nora a feminist. She owns her world, her choices, her men, and her pain. Kingsley is the King and Nora is the Queen. Nora wields her little red riding crop like a burning bra or a royal scepter. All hail the queen.

Thank you Tiffany Reizs for the wonderful world of The Original Sinners. Thank you for writing such a reviting tale and for giving us Nora, a strong capable women. I may not always understand her choices but I sure do respect her. 


The Siren Speaks – Tiffany Reisz Answers Your Questions

Thank you to our Subclubbers for submiting some great questions, we loved EVERY question sent in but could not use them all.  Thank you so very much, Tiffany – for your time in answering these questions for our subclubbers, you rock!


1.     How do you reconcile your religious beliefs with you sexual habits, how do you make it all work?

TR: I’m a bad Catholic in that I have no religious angst. While this might seem a complicated theological issue, it isn’t. Not for me. I don’t apply 2000 year old cultural teachings to 2012 United States. We no more worry about the sexual codes of the Bible than we do the food laws that forbid eating pork. Well, I do but only because I’m a vegetarian.

2.     Fetishes – where do they fall in the realm of S&M? Foot fetishes in particular?

TR: Some fetishes are kinky, some aren’t. A foot fetish can be part of a submission fantasy (desire to submit to a woman in boots and worship her feet.) Or it can be something not kinky. Kink = BDSM. So a fetish that doesn’t involve bondage, domination, or S&M isn’t kinky. There are people with balloon fetishes who get turned on when balloons pop. Takes all kinds, doesn’t it?

3.     What is the one thing you would not want to happen as a result of your books?

TR: I’d never want anyone to read my books as a how-to manual. These are fictional stories of fictional people in fictional situations. I’m hoping universal truths are explored and discovered, but no one should think this is the one right way of doing BDSM. You must discover that for yourself and with your partner.

4.     What is your ultimate goal with your writing?

TR: World domination.

5.     You have mentioned being a switch. Can you let us know what is the discipline behind  both being a Dom and a sub?

TR: Switches are whores. We just love sex and are greedy for all experiences. I get why switches are a bit controversial in the BDSM scene. Dominants and submissives ARE their role why Switches tend to play a role. Flipping back and forth could get complicated. I know dominatrixes who do submit but are very choosy about to whom. It’s not a discipline so much as a personal preference. I always submit to my boyfriend. With women, I naturally take a dominant role. No disclipine involved at all—just horniness.

6.     You mentioned that you are a devout Catholic, yet the deviance of Søren’s role is a huge shocker…how did he come about?

TR: I think discovering The Thorn Birds as a kid ruined me for life. Really I never found Søren’s role to be very shocking. Protestant or Catholic, we all fall in love. And if you read the anonymous surveys, the majority of Catholic priests are gay and the majority of Catholic priests are sexually active during at least some part of their years serving the church. Søren’s not gay. He’s kinky but the same applies. He’s human and he has human desires. He’s also a Jesuit and the Jesuit order is incredibly liberal and open-minded, much like Søren.

7.     Obviously the world of BDSM is still very taboo, by your writing you expose a lot of that world, is it safe to say you want share the knowledge to fight that stigma?

TR: I don’t really have any lofty, world-improving goals with my book series. I think the books could help with the stigma of BDSM, but I never wrote the books for that purpose. I loved these people and I wanted to tell their stories. That’s all.

8.     The Original Sinners is an 8 part series. Have you planned out the entire series or are you writing as you go?

TR: I have all eight books in my head.

9.     I understand the way flogging and caning are part of sexual arousal for both the dominant and the submissive, but I have more trouble with things like face slapping and lip splitting.  Can you explain why Nora is OK with this?  Is it still just trying to please Søren, or does she believe she deserves it for being disobedient?

TR: I can’t answer this question until after book three is out. I will say that some people truly do enjoy extreme levels of pain and dominance. And I will say that sometimes accidents happen and people get hurt worse than intended. And I will ALWAYS remind people that football is far more brutal and punishing and dangerous to the human body than any BDSM will ever be. BDSM can hurt. Football can freaking kill you.

10.  Submit to desire was a perfect story for Kingsley, will you bring Charlie back to continue their story?

TR: Nope. Charlie doesn’t do it for me as a writer. She’s so much less interesting than Kingsley that I don’t even know what he saw in her. I think he was just tired of the constant revolving door on his bedroom and thought he’d give a stable relationship a chance. No sequels to Submit to Desire in the works. BUT I will probably explain what happened to her at some point. If it makes you feel any better, Kingsley does have a sexy soul-mate who is as interesting and intelligent as he is, and I will tell her story someday. 


Emily Reviews – Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

I recommend this book to just about everyone I talk to and after I tell them the little details they need to know about the book I simply say, “If you love the book then come talk to me but, if you decide you didn’t love it as much as I do, don’t even bother telling me.” I find myself very defensive of this story and anyone that bashes Poughkeepsie makes me turn in to Beckett, don’t even get me started because you will lose (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

The synopsis of this story is just a small snippet of the multitude of characters and personalities you will meet when you read it. In the beginning you meet Livia, who each and everyday on her commute through the train station, takes it upon herself to smile at each and every fellow commuter. One day she witnesses one of the homeless men being harassed and decides to step in and defend him.  This is the pivotal moment that will forever change Livia’s life and make her question everything about who she is and what she is doing with her life. This moment is named Blake.


                  “He counts. You’ve smiled at him four hundred and forty-six times as of a few minutes ago. He announces the number every time I see him.”

Blake is a young damaged man who Livia becomes instantly comfortable with and irrevocably falls in love with.  The question that immediately comes to mind when reading about Blake is why is this beautiful man homeless?  With that one question the reader is introduced in to a world of dark secrets and amazing characters that Blake introduces Livia to.


Through Blake we meet Beckett and Cole who are introduced as his brothers; but, later find out that they are not blood related but brought together through the hardships of foster care. Beckett is what I like to say the brawn’s of the trio. He’s the man the brothers go to when they need situations taken care of. Even though Beckett is the tough guy with the mouth of a trucker the reader will also discover that he has a heart of gold. Cole is the voice of reason, he’s the brother that they go to, to find peace of mind. I will say that I was very surprised to find Cole had a dark side which made me fall in love him. What is it about a man who seems so innocent, that when he turns into a predatory animal it makes me all gooey inside?


I could probably go on all day about the different characters that take the stage in this book but I will let you discover them on your own. This story revolves around Blake and Livia. The reader will question if their love for each other is strong enough to survive the darkness of Blake’s past and the ridicule Livia faces with being in love with a homeless man.


Debra, I would like to thank you for pouring your heart and soul in to these characters and the story that follows them. You took me on a journey that I will not soon forget.


Music to read by:

Because I know Debra loved this song for Beckett and Eve

“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

Cole and Kyle

“Relax my Beloved” by Alex Clare

Livia and Blake

“40 Miles from the Sun” by Bush




The Angel – The Original Sinners Series – Review

After I read The Siren by Tiffany Reisz, the days until the release for “The Angel” were much too far away, short of stomping my feet and crossing my arms in a tantrum, I had no choice but to wait.  Then when I received the ARC, I thanked my lucky stars feverishly.  Laundry, study, and sleep be damned, I was going to read “The Angel” from cover to cover in the shortest time possible.

“The Angel” is book two of The Original Sinners series.  For those of you who have not read book one, The Siren – you must go and read it…NOW.  For those who have read it, you can understand my infatuation.  Right out of the gate, “The Angel” is addictive.   I love that Tiffany Reisz is a no b.s. writer, she captures your attention without the unnecessary fluff, she does not need to add words for padding.  Don’t mistake that for lack of details, there are plenty of details in here, but my point is, Tiffany has found the perfect science to her writing.  As a reader, you’re naturally pulled towards the characters, and mesmerized to their story. 

You can easily find a synopsis of “The Angel” for a rundown, so I won’t take up your time with it.  But I can tell you when I read the first of the series, “The Siren”, I thought I couldn’t fall any deeper in lust with the characters.  Well, I stand corrected.  The Angel has brought a whole new level of adoration for my beloved Kingsley and Søren.  You get to delve into their past for a bit and see why they are the way the are, the arrogance, the passion, and the unspoken bond becomes explicable.  In my eyes, Kingsley and Søren can do no wrong; my apologies, but I don’t hear otherwise.  Here walks, two of the sexiest, most desirable males in the series.  Truth.

Continuing with the boys, we also learn a great deal about Michael, Griffin, Zachary and Wesley.  Their true colors will have you yelling, screaming, and swooning throughout the story.   The bonds – both figuratively and not – again has you at the edge of your seat clinging to the book for dear life.  I can’t write a ten-page review so I will highlight only on Griffin and Michael for now.  In “The Angel”, it is impossible to shield yourself from Griffin’s magnetism.  He may have been a cocky (I truly am not trying to be funny and pull out a play on words!) s.o.b. in “The Siren”, but here – you are enthralled by him.  His character is so three-dimensional; you cannot ignore the need to be passionate about Griffin, admittedly – he is exceptionally appealing.  We also watch Michael blossom after learning more about his past, his family environment, and his journey as a submissive.  Soft and gentle as Michael may seem, his passion holds no bar. 

I close with my favorite character of the series.  Eleanor.  His Eleanor (wait, is my bias showing?).  As Nora Sutherlin, she is feisty, funny, and fearless.  As Eleanor, she has a past like the rest of the characters and again, I grow a little bit more attached to her after reading “The Angel”.  Behind the façade, there are a great many things about Eleanor that shocked me, and here I thought she couldn’t possibly shock me anymore than she already has.  Again, I stand corrected.  I love Eleanor, I do. 

The Angel was another great read by Tiffany.  Many questions were answered in the book, skeletons came out, new defining events challenged bonds and tested limits, and of course hot steamy, passionate (even eye opening) scenes had me glued and giving it 5 out of 5 stars.  It was difficult for me to write this review without revealing too much, just go read it!  I thank the book gods and goddesses silently each chapter for Tiffany Reisz; she is an amazing writer.  I thank Tiffany for the remarkable series thus far, and without showing what looks like my addictive behavior, I really am looking forward to book three (“The Prince”) of the Original Sinners.   If you have already read “The Siren”, read it again…And go to her blog to follow up on other short stories that are linked to The Original Sinners, this should hold you over until September 25th.  Be sure to come back and tell me what you think! 


Speak with The Siren!

Hello SubClubbers!

We have some wonderful news! To go along with The Siren as one of our books of the month…

The lovely Tiffany Reisz has offered the SubClub an interview and here is the deal. You, our faithful readers get to submit a question to us for Tiffany and we will pick the ten best questions for the interview.

Send us your questions at: by Friday, September 14, 2012

Now remember, no spoilers if any of you have read The Angel and really put some thought into them. The questions can be about the books, the characters or for Ms.  Reisz herself.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!




Review of Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop


I am going to start of by saying that writing a review of this book is very emotional for me.  Emotional because this novel has given me so much.  It has given me a community, friendships, a hobby, and hope.  This book is so much more then a love story between a broken man and a young kind women, it is a social and cultural criticism of our society and the need to beautify it.  Mr. Reynard, thank you. 

I had first read this book over a year ago, being a rather proud Canadian i have this strange need to support Indie artist from my home country.  I was on Amazon scrolling through titles when all of a sudden this novel called “Gabriel’s Inferno” caught my eye.  It was a love story written by a Canadian set in Toronto.  I proceeded to download a sample and was hooked within a few sentences.  Well it was actually the line “Emerson is an Ass”, here i was reading this rather intense and intimidating scene and then suddenly was hit with a jolt of humor.  Right then and there I knew that I had found something so special. 

“Gabriel’s Inferno” is a love story between an older distinguished man and a younger, innocent girl.  A rather common tale, a story as old as time one could say.  Here most would wonder ok, so why do you love this book so much? Well this book is a work of art, a true masterpiece.  Mr. Reynard beautifully and masterfully explores complex matters plaguing the human condition in a simple setting.  “Bad things happen to everybody.  Not that this was an excuse or a justification for wronging another human being.  Still, all humans has this shared experience- that of suffering.  No human being left this world without shedding a tear, of feeling pain, or wading into the sea of sorrow.” this quote is one of many beautiful truths found in this novel.  It is one of my personal favorite quotes and it is a perfect example of why this novel is so special and why Mr. Reynard is a true literary gem. 

Mr. Reynard uses this tale of love to examine the human condition.  He masterfully delves into themes of pain, lose, forgiveness, and love.  These books are almost transformative; they were for me at least.  I actually find myself at times reading passages that I have highlighted for wisdom or guidance.  Trust me I know how that sounds but that is what Mr. Reynard does with his writing.  He gives the reader hope, that no matter how bad things get, or how dark your world is you can always find the light.

“Gabriel’s Inferno” is the best love story I have personally read in a long time, best new writer in romance in this humble readers opinion.  With “Gabriel’s Inferno”, Sylvain Reynard has created a poignant romantic tale of days gone by.  Mr. Reynard has woven a landscape full of love poetry, and salvation.  Readers will be swept away in a story so beautiful that they will be left with gratitude.  This book will not insult your intelligence but will expand it.  Gabriel and Julia’s love story is that of dreams.  It is magical, sensual and spiritual.  In my opinion Mr. Reynard’s novel is so much more then a romance.  He is in a class with authors like the Bronte sisters and the incomparable Ms. Austen. 

Finally, lets talk about Gabriel, oh Professor.  Gabriel is that dream man that most women cannot help but fall in love with.  He is successful, smart, passionate, and what I loved the most about him is his fragility.  Gabriel comes off at first as an “ass” but we soon see his heart.  A heart that has been shut up tight but soon opens into something beautiful.  In the novel Gabriel says to Julia “ you blossom under kindness don’t you” but in my opinion it is Gabriel that blossoms once he opens himself up. 

All I can say is that if you are going to read one book this year, decade, century, please makes it “Gabriel’s Inferno”.  It is simply enchanting, haunting, riveting, and marvelous.  There is a reason why he has built such a following, why these books are prized possessions for his readers.  Yes Gabriel is well beyond “hot” but honestly it’s the messages.  The love for humanity and mankind pours from every page and a reader cannot help but be transformed and captivated.  Mr. Reynard creates this sense of community and loyalty with his work.  I for one will always treasure these words and carry them in my heart.  One word that I use to describe this book is Hope.  Hope for second chances, the heart, family, community, and finally the world.  Thank you, Sylvain Reynard for writing this story and sharing it with us.

Gabriel’s Inferno is a 5 out of 5 stars.


Special thanks for making things happen!

I would like to send out a special thank you to Iris_Elli.  She was kind enough to let us use the list of music she has compiled for the novels.  She has also been so gracious to help with quotes and regencies.  Elli,  you embody the true spirit of these books.  I am so lucky to have meet you and I am honored to call you my friend. All the best and much love.   You know you’re our rock-star.   We write this with much appreciation & love for all you’ve done.  Not just the guest post, but for being that friend we always needed.  Thank you.  

We would also like to thank Enn Bocci for her tireless effort in promoting these books.  For fostering this community and many others that are devoted to this story.  Thank you for keeping the fires burning and your devotion. You are an inspiration.

The girls at Subclub