Jenna’s Top 10 Books of 2012

2012 was the year of the book for me.  You see, for longer than I care to admit,
the only thing my reading list consisted of were books for school and
work…yawn.  This is no way to live!  Well I’m happy to report that  this past
year I found my way out of the black hole of reading, and remembered what it was
to read for (gasp) pleasure!  Thank the gods because I have read some INCREDIBLE
books this year, and consequently found an AMAZING community amongst fellow
readers!    Although it was difficult to limit my list to just the top ten ( I
might have cheated just a tad…) I’m happy to share some of my favorites of 2012
with all of you!  Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

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Kari’s Top 10 Books of 2012 <3

I’m pretty sure it’s obvious how much I love to read but just wanted to throw it out there just in case…I found Goodreads by chance earlier this year and got pulled into the world of all things books.  From there, I created a twitter account to find other people who loved to read like I did. I met some amazing people along with my Subclub girls and well… the rest is history..

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Neda’s Top 10 of 2012

Books are the very fabric of my soul. I have read for as long as I can remember. The genre of romance is something I have come across in the last few years and I have found it has quickly become a favourite.  So in the last year it has been my prominent reading material, not that I still don’t love all other genres because I do. Last year I read Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard got a twitter account to get a Kindlegrap​h meet some amazing women, started blogging on Subclub and well the rest is history. Here are my favourite books of 2012 in no particular order.

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The Valentine’s Arrangement by Kelsie Leverich Blog Tour Schedule!


Check out The Valentine’s Arrangement by Kelsie Leverich Blog Tour when it stops by THESUBCLUB on her release day January 1st, 2013!  We have some awesome stuff coming up that day so don’t forget to stop by! <3  (And please, check out the rest of her tour stops!)