Nina’s 14 Book Boyfriends

Nina's Top 14


So it is no secret that I love these fictional men listed below….I talk about them, tweet about them, facebook about them and I secretly fantasize about them. They grace the pages of my Nook and there are times even I think they spend an ungodly amount of time in my head.  This was not an easy list for me to narrow down to….I think my original list had 31 guys on it and cutting it caused me great pain. So, below is my top 14 BBF, their quotes that made me fall in love with them and a little reason why.  With the exception of my number one, everybody else is in a solid tie for second place meaning that I love them all equally! So without further ado, my list of the hottest, most wonderful men that I would run away with in heartbeat….if they were real of course!

XX, Nina



Hostile takeover


Ben O’Callahan


My green-eyed Irishman who happens to be a sadist, but most importantly an ass man – you are the one I always come back to.

“You’re going to have to help me learn how to love you.”

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Quincy Mercer

Oh Q, I too call you Maitre and you own a piece of my soul.

You’re my obsession, I’m your possession, you own the deepest part of me….

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Captive In the Dark


Caleb, you were my first kidnapping, sexual slave trainer I fell for….I never thought any less of you and the fantasies I have of us in the shower are, oh…so…good!

“I want to taste your tears. I have a thing for them. I confess I’ve made you cry just to see your tears. I’ve gotten off on your suffering….but now, I never want to see you cry again….”

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The Prince

Kingley Edge

Kingsley, I will play the guessing game with you on any given day!

“Je suis le vôtre. J’étais toujours le vôtre, monsieur. I am yours. I have always been yours, sir.”

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Fever Dream13508800

Rubio and Theo

I couldn’t choose between the two of you….it would not be fair to my heart.

Rubio “You want to give up control, I know it. You want to be my special toy, my lover. My sweet sex slave. Only for me.”

Theo “You never let go. You wait for me to let go, always….”


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Tony Rawlings

I don’t think I was supposed to fall in love with you so early on in this series but I did….you appealed to me in so many ways…..

“I don’t care where I am, as long as you’re there.”

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finding willow


Because there is something about a biker who has no tattoos but a pierced dick that totally turns me on….

“…I’ve wandered through life in the dark, grasping for some sort of normalcy. Then I found you. You are my everything…”

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Prince Massimo Tittoni

You are the sexiest Italian man that has ever graced the pages of my Nook and I totally adore you!

Ti amo, I love you. Please don’t leave. I’ve waited my whole life for you.


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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000041_00007]

Erik Ead

Because you ruined me so quickly and nestled a spot in my heart for eternity.

He said he was going to ruin me, and own me. He did both.


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Knight Sebring

I would ‘jack up’ on any given day for this man to make me yield to him…he is my KNIGHT in shining armor.

“You run, you do your crunches, I don’t give a fuck. But you lose any of that ass, those tits, those hips or your Buddha belly, just sayin’, babe you lose me.”

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Simply Sexual

Lord Valentin Sokorvsky & Peter Howard

My list wouldn’t be complete without my historical men….they might have been from back in the day, but these two are some of the kinkiest I’ve read….

Valentin – “Tonight I want you to beg.”

Peter – “I can get sex anywhere. You know that.” Peter shrugged. “I’m incredibly skilled and I’m happy to service both men and women.”


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Blindfolded Innocence Final Cover

Brad De Luca

You are my most recent addition Brad, but I know you will be here with me for the long haul….I love your sexual proclivities and would be more than happy to join in….just say the word J

“Don’t judge me when you don’t know me. Just because I currently choose to be single doesn’t mean I can’t be a good husband.”

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Drew Kelly

I am sure there is something wrong with me that even though you have many sick, sadistic qualities about you I still fell for you early on in your story….it means I am either extremely forgiving of your antics or extremely jaded to your kind….probably a bit of both.

“You want it, you take it.” 

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The Barter System

Max & Micah

How much fun it would be to have you two all to myself 24/7….you’re the reason I love ménage!

“I like her. I want to keep her,” Micah said firmly.

Max laughed, “Me too.”

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And finally I have 2 honorable mentions…..when all the girls sat down and made their lists, these 2 men – who again are two of my favorites –  were on some of the other girls as well….so trying to spread the love, I left them off so that some of my other men wouldn’t get left out but as I finished off this list, I just didn’t have it in my heart to leave you on the cutting room floor, so that being said…..

Jesse Ward – you are the Lord of all my girly bits and Drew Evans I would tangle up with you any day of the week and twice on Sunday!


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