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Cover Reveal and Trailer for Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

As you all know we are huge fans of The Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard so we are delighted to be part of the cover reveal.  So below you will find the cover and synopsis and beneath that a really kick ass trailer Jenna has made for one of our most highly anticipated reads of 2013.  Come on Dec 3rd.

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Our own version of Professor Gabriel Emerson

When you read a novel, you quickly develop a portrait for each character, and with these portraits, you build bonds throughout the story.  You pick sides when the protagonists reach a drama-point, you develop feelings for certain characters, and eventually grow attached – to not only the story – but to characters themselves.  I am amazed by how words alone can evoke these chains of action.  Especially, in Gabriel’s Inferno/Gabriel’s Rapture – the protagonists and their supporting characters are so vivid, they’re almost palpable.

And sometimes, for those of uto pay homage to SR with Clive Owen (as Mr. Owen is SR’s personal pick), but after my  “research”, I must say, Clive Owen has worked his magic into my brain (and perhaps hip checked his way into my heart) and I can almost, just almost see him as our beloved Professor Gabriel Emerson.  He does have a very ‘professor-esque’ feel to him, no?

Henry Cavill:

Image: Mens Health






Image: Dunhill Ad
Image: Warner Bros via Washington Post
Image: Rex Features
Image: Ben Harries via Evening Standard

Clive Owen: 

Image: Marc Hom via Esquire
Image: Jaeger-LeCoultre

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What is a story without a playlist…

A very special THANK YOU to Elli (Iris_Elli) for her special guest post, she did an amazing job on compiling a playlist!  We condensed it a wee bit but for the full list, please visit Elli’s YouTube & Tumblr page.  Elli was also kind enough to add links to some on the playlist – check them out and please send Elli a shout-out!  Thank you, Elli – love you!

Music in or Inspired by Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture

By Sylvain Reynard

(By Iris~Elli)

 “I’m also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.” ~SR

(Taken from his Bio on his website http://www.sylvainreynard.com/p/about-sylvain-reynard_21.html )

One of my favorite aspects of Sylvain Reynard’s writing is how he does just this.  He transforms me with his words and inspiration, music being the art that stands out the most for me, as it is the most important in my own life. This is why I created a Youtube Loving Julia Playlist so that fellow readers could have a playlist to listen to or refer to while they read Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture.

Music speaks for the characters in the story on many occasions.  Gabriel always knows the perfect song and playlist to try and express his love for Julia.  Loving Julia. Another favorite correlations is found in Gabriel’s Rapture,

“He found a Swiss army knife in the kitchenette, made an adjustment to the music, and brought a mango with him to bed. “I needed to match the song to the fruit,” he said, his blue eyes sparkling.” (P 158, Gabriel’s Rapture)

And then Bruce Cockburn Sings out Mango in the Garden (#101 on the playlist) as they feast on their mango in bed.  Mmmmmm the professor and his feeding fetish. 😉

We often focus on scenes between The Professor and Julia but I want to explore an instance where SR pulls both literature and music into one scene with Julia and Paul.  In the scene Julia is testing Paul out as a friend (and possibly more) when she weighs in using a song that takes her back to her former bad relationship with “HIM” (otherwise known as Simon). 

“Do you like Nine Inch Nails?” she asked, cupping her coffee in two hands.

Paul was taken aback by her question. “Uh, no. No, I don’t.” He shrugged. “Trent Reznor twists my head around. Unless he’s singing backup for Tori Amos. Why, do you?”

Julia shivered. “Absolutely not.”

He pulled a cd out of his briefcase and handed it to her. “I like this kind of stuff. Music I can write my dissertation to.”

“I’ve never heard of Hem before,” she mused, turning the jewel case over in her hand.

“They have a song I think you’ll like. It’s called Half Acre. They used to play it on an insurance ad on television, so you might have heard it before. It’s beautiful. And no one yells at you or screams or tells you he wants to fu — ” Paul stopped suddenly and reddened. He was trying very hard to watch his language around her but having only marginal success.

She tried to hand the cd back to him, but he refused. “I bought it for you. Rabbit Songs for the Rabbit.”

 (Ch 11, p 121, Gabriel’s Inferno)

In this scene at the Starbucks Julia finds out what she needs to know about Paul through the use of 3 songs.  Closer, by Nine Inch Nails (#’s 7, 8, & 9 on the playlist), the implied song, Past The Mission by Tori Amos featuring Trent Reznor, singer of Nine Inch Nails (#133 on the playlist), and Half Acre by Hem (#130 on the Playlist).  SR says just enough to make you want to go do your homework.  You want to go find the songs and their lyrics to see what hidden or overt meaning may lie in the voices, instruments and lyrics of the songs.  Half Acre also ties us to literature in that Rabbit has become Paul’s “pet” name for Julia which is also tied to the children’s story, The Velveteen Rabbit written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson (#134 on the playlist)…which then brings us to the art found in the illustrations, all tied together so that again SR has you running to the book to read it and explore the pictures on the pages. His writing is so complete, it fills my heart.  I feel inspired.  I feel the feelings of the characters.  I feel.   

Admit it.  You read, you cry, you get mad and yell at the pages, you fall in love, you get angry, you swoon, you sing along, get lost in the colors of the art and you find yourself exploring books you never thought you would pick up.  SR is a teacher.  His writing sparks the lifelong learner in us all.  At least that is how it is for me.

What does Julia feel when she hears Trent Reznor’s voice ring out in harsh tones saying, “ I wanna fuck you like an animal!”?  It isn’t just the song and it’s lyrics. It fits her personality that she wouldn’t like that song, but it is the time, place, people and traumatic event that it transports her to that makes her truly shudder.  You are My Sunshine could be playing during a traumatic event and a person could be poisoned against it and what it now represents to them.  This is a time she does not want to relive.  People she wants to leave in her past.   She wants to make sure Paul and Gabriel are not another Simon.  

Julia worries about Gabriel having a whole channel devoted to NIN in his car.   “And you like them?” “When I’m in a particular mood.” P55 She worries about him in the beginning. 

In the Lobby scene Gabriel screws up by commenting on the song making light of it not knowing what her history with it is. 

“It was a joke. And in poor taste. Forgive me. I would never request that song for a dance with you. It would be the worst form of blasphemy, to expose someone like you to words like that.” P 102

He apologizes but the use of the song carries with it Julia’s limited experience with men and she uses it as a tool to not make the same mistake and it sometimes colors her judgment. 

Past the Mission is like a little test.  I am familiar with Tori Amos and knew the song he was speaking of when he said Trent Reznor sang backup, but others that might not have been familiar with it just might have run to Google (but I hope not Wikipedia 😉 to find the song.  For that matter they might have had to do the same with NIN since SR did not mention that Closer was the song Julia was thinking of but we know from earlier in the book.

Half an Acre by Hem was new to me. (I did run to Google and You Tube 😉

This part of the lyrics is where I see Julia through Paul’s eyes:

…Think of every town you’ve lived in

every room you lay your head

and what is it that you remember?

Do you carry every sadness with you

every hour your heart was broken

every night the fear and darkness

lay down with you

A man is walking on the highway

A woman stares out at the sea

and light is only now just breaking

So we carry every sadness with us

every hour our hearts were broken

every night the fear and darkness

lay down with us

But I am holding half an acre

torn from the map of Michigan

I am carrying this scrap of paper

that can crack the darkest sky wide open

every burden taken from me…

Half Acre – Hem

“Every burden taken from me.”  Paul wants to take away Julia’s pain.  He speaks to her through this song and through The Velveteen Rabbit story searching to be loved.  Paul wants to be that person desperately but he also will not stand in the way.  He is noble.  Book 3 if there is one SR?  HEA for Paul please 😉 .

I love the music in these stories. I love the way they make me feel be it joy, sad, happy, scared, passionate or angry.  I love the way they prepare me for what is coming up in the story or how I can find a deeper meaning as I read and listen again and again. I feel.  Do you?

Music in Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture

SR’s Favorite Album by Sting:  Nothing Like the Sun


(record pic)


If you’re interested in the music of Dante’s Divine Comedy, see some of the links here:  


Music audio playlist on SR’s website:


Diana Krall, Besame mucho

Diana Krall, The Look of Love

Matthew Barber, You and Me

Matthew Barber, And You Give

Dave Matthews Band, Lying in the Hands of God

Sting, Until

Sting, In the Moonlight 

Andrea Bocelli, Sogno

Norah Jones, Come Away with Me

Norah Jones, Don’t Know Why

Coldplay, The Scientist

Chopin, Nocturne No. 2

Edith Piaf, Non, je ne regrette rien

Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose

Youtube #LovingJuliaPlaylist by Iris.  Songs from GI & GR, inspired by, multiple versions, other songs by artists featured, SR faves, and fan recommended songs for the #Honeymoon Playlist.


  1. Abelard and Heloise, Letter 6: Abelard to Heloise
  2. Journal 1 – Heloise and Abelard 
  3. “6th Letter” from Abelard & Heloise 
  4. Sting, Until
  5. Sting, In the Moonlight
  6. Mozart – Lacrimosa
  7. Nine Inch Nails Closer Director’s Cut
  8. Nine Inch Nails Closer with Lyrics
  9. NIN – CLOSER – The Full Length , Album version Extended video remix
  10. Johnny Cash Hurt
  11. Tori Amos Past the Mission
  12. Far Far Yael Naïm
  13. The Pogues Fairytales of New York
  14. Diana Krall, Besame mucho
  15. Diana Krall, The Look of Love
  16. Matthew Barber, You and Me
  17. Matthew Barber, And You Give
  18. Matthew Barber And You Give Live
  19. Matthew Barber- you and Me (live)
  20. Dave Matthews Band, Lying in the Hands of God
  21. Andrea Bocelli, Sogno
  22. Songo Andrea Bocelli
  23. Norah Jones, Come Away with Me
  24. Norah Jones, Don’t Know Why
  25. Coldplay, The Scientist
  26. Chopin, Nocturne No. 2
  27. Edith Piaf, Non, je ne regrette rien
  28. Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose
  29.  Gaudete Mediæval Bæbes
  30. 5’s Company- Mediæval Bæbes perform Gaudete live
  31. Loreena McKennitt- Dante’s Prayer (Legolas Greenleaf version) (hobbit hole nod)
  32. Dante’s Prayer by Loreena Mckennitt live with Loreena’s description.
  33. Mattew Barbar- You and Me
  34. Norah Jones- Don’t Know Why live
  35. Sarah McLachlan performing Wintersong
  36. Andrea Bocelli Sings beautifully live on stage in Tuscany, Italy
  37. Loreena Mckennitt:  Song based on Prospero’s Speech, the ending of the play ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare
  38. Loreena McKennitt – Beneath A Phrygian Sky – An Ancient Muse
  39. Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (HD)
  40. The Police – Message In A Bottle
  41. Mad About You – Sting from the album The Soul Cages
  43. Book Of Love-Peter Gabriel
  44. Peter Gabriel & Sinead O’Connor – Blood Of Eden 
  45. Sting Jerusalem (Official Video) 
  46. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue 50th Anniversary
  47. Blue in Green- Miles Davis
  48. Nat King Cole – Autumn Leaves
  49. At Last-Etta James
  50. Frank Sinatra – I’ve got you under my skin
  51. Matthew Barber Easily Bruised live
  52. Matthew Barber- you and Me (live at the Habitat 2009)
  53. Dave Matthews Band “Lying In the Hands of God” 6/13/09 Live
  54. “You and Me” by Matthew Barber. Live at the Black Sheep in Wakefield, Quebec. June 9,2012.
  55. Tailorbird (Fan Music Video for Gabriel’s Rapture) (6-9-12).mpg
  56. Nine Inch Nails Feat. Bauhaus – Hurt
  57. Nine Inch Nails Hurt Live
  58. Matthew Barber at The Black Sheep Lady Follow’s POV
  59. Lady Follows talks to MB before the show and gets him to sign her GI.
  60. Dave Matthews Band Lying In The Hands Of God ACL Live
  61. Giuseppe Verdi : Requiem : Dies irae – ClassicalExperience (suggested by Karen)
  62. Alleluia – Mozart
  63. Edita Gruberova – Mozart – Alleluia – Exultate Jubilate
  64. Mozart’s ‘Alleluia’ from oratorio ‘Exultate Jubilate'(children’s choir)
  65. Alleluia (Mozart, Children’s Chorus)
  66. Marc Cohn– True Companion (with lyrics)
  67. Dean Martin – Return To Me
  68. Cantata Nº 208, ‘Sheep May Safely Graze’, BWV 208
  69. Celtic Woman 1/4 – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring – May It Be – Wealthy Widow – The Butterfly
  70. Bach: Cantata, BWV 147, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
  71. Bach – Sleepers wake (High Quality)
  72. J.S. Bach – Sleepers, Awake!
  73. Shirley Verrett sings “Exultate jubilate” by Mozart
  74. Adele – Lovesong (Lyrics)
  75. Dave Matthews Band – Love of My Life
  76. Tony Bennett – My Romance
  77. Talking To The Moon – Bruno Mars [Lyrics]
  78. Bruno Mars – Marry You (Lyrics On Screen)
  79. Ashes Remain-Everything Good
  80. Enigma – Je T’aime Till My Dying Day
  81. Carolina Liar – Show Me What I’m Looking For Lyrics
  82. Josh Groban – To Where You Are
  83. Crush DMB (Full version)
  84. The Lovetones – Love And Redemption
  85. Sarah Mclachlan – 10 Ice-cream
  86. The Promise – Tracy Chapman w/Lyrics
  87. BLUE RODEO – lost together[with lyrics]
  88. Sean Hayes – “Powerful Stuff”
  89. 18th Floor Balcony/Blue October
  90. Peter Katz- “Posters” Official Music Video
  91. Josh Groban – When You Say You Love Me
  93. These Arms Of Mine Otis Redding (***Lyrics Included***) .:oldies:.
  94. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long – Otis Redding
  95. Otis Redding – When a man loves a woman
  96. The Lovetones This Great Romance
  97. Puccini’s Madama Butterfly
  98. Sting – I’m lost without you
  99. Turn your lights down low – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  100. Dave Matthews – Oh
  101. Bruce Cockburn Mango
  102. Il bacio – Giovanni Allevi
  103. Heather Nova – Paper Cup
  104. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Official Lyric Video)
  105. Sarah McLachlan – Hold On
  106. Becoming Jane – Vivaldi’s Rain
  107. Sting-My one and only love
  108. Ella Fitzgerald sings So in Love by Cole Porter
  109. Maxwell – Pretty Wings
  110. King Of Pain – The Police (HQ Audio + Lyrics)

A photo journey from Gabriel’s Inferno – Museum

Happy Birthday, Darling.
Please do me the honor of gracing me with your presence
at the Royal Ontario Museum this Saturday evening at six o’clock.
Meet me at the Bloor Street entrance.
I shall be wearing the suit and tie and the incredibly wide smile
as you walk through the door.
I look forward to the pleasure of your company with great anticipation.
Yours with affection and deepest longing,


A photo journey from Gabriel’s Inferno – Shops

“Miss Mitchell opened her door and stood, eyes downcast, in a simple but elegant V-necked black dress that fell to her knees. The Professor’s eyes raked over her gentle curves and down to her surprisingly long and very shapely legs. And her shoes…she couldn’t have known this, but Professor Emerson had a thing for women in exquisite high-heeled shoes. He swallowed noisily as he took in her breathtaking and obviously designer black stilettos. The Professor wanted to touch them…
“Ahem.” Julia coughed slightly, and he reluctantly dragged his eyes up from her shoes to her face. She was staring at him with an amused expression.” p 29-30

“The box has a label on it — Holt Renfrew. I don’t why someone would send me a present…Rachel, you didn’t!”



A photo journey from Gabriel’s Inferno – Library

He slowly turned around and saw Miss Mitchell groan slightly and stretch. Her eyelids fluttered, and she stifled a yawn with the fan of her hand.
But her eyes flew open when she saw Professor Emerson standing by the door. Startled, she let out a yelp and flew backward out of her chair and against the wall. She cowered in confusion, and it almost broke Gabriel’s heart. (Which would have at least proven that he had one.)
“Ssssshhhhh. Julianne, it’s just me.” He held his hands aloft in complete surrender. He tried to smile disarmingly.


A photo journey from Gabriel’s Inferno – Volo

Gabriel liked it because they sold a particular kind of Trappist Ale that he preferred, Chimay Première, and it pleased him to have pizza in the Neapolitan style to pair with that beer. (As ever, he was impatient with mediocrity.) Since Gabriel was a frequent patron of Caffé Volo and more than somewhat persnickety, he was offered the best seating, which was a quiet table for two tucked into a corner near the large picture window that looked out on the madness that was Yonge Street at night.

“Julia settled cautiously into her seat, which was a converted church pew, and pulled the lambskin rug that the waiter had draped over the back of the pew tightly around her.
“Are you cold? I’ll ask Christopher to seat us near the fireplace.” Gabriel moved to signal to the waiter, but Julia stopped him.
“I like to people watch,” she said shyly.
“Me too,” he admitted. “But you look like a Yeti.”
Julia reddened.
“Forgive me,” he hastened to add. “But surely we can do better than a lambskin rug that has been God knows where. It probably used to grace the floor of Christopher’s apartment. And who knows what kind of shenanigans went down on it.”
Did he just use the word shenanigans in a sentence?” p 140 GI