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An Open letter to Debra Anastasia

Dear Debra

I remeber when I first discovered your brilliance, it wastn’t through your beautiful words, or your sweet personality.  It was through your potty mouth.  Someone had retweeted something you tweeted and those 140 characters had me howling.  I was like this women she is comedic genius, she is brash and brazen and she just doesn’t give a fuck.  At that moment I realized you were something special.  You were like a breath of fresh air, wimpsical, direct and one of the funniest people on twitter, you still are by the way.  Then one day I decided to tweet you back, you made a comment about skirts and toilets and it just made me smile.  Soon I realized someone who has a natural way of making others happy would also be a phenomenal author.  At this point I decided to read Poughkeepsie, and to this day it is one of my all time favorite books.

I love romance novels they make me happy.  I know they can at times be unrealistic but they make me and hundreds and thousands of women happy.  But your novel, your Poughkeepsie made me realize how beautiful romance novels can be.  This novel spoke volumes to me on a personal level on two fronts, the first being your compassionate stance on homelessness and your strong value on the theme of loyalty.   Thank you for putting a face to homelessness. This was so wonderful to see.  I used to work with homeless shelters, street kids especially and I appreciat the picture you painted so much that words are lost on me. Loyalty is in my opinion one of the most important values in life.  I beleive is having peoples back and defending those you hold near.

This book, this small indie book, is the little engine that could to me.  I truely believe that it is a treasure, something of such infinite value, and a blessing for all those who read it.  This book captures the beauty of love.  It teaches that the simple things in life are the most valuable, and that laughter and love will see you through the darkest times.

Thank you Debra for this gift to your readers. Thank you for your voice, you wit, your words, and especially your potty mouth.

with much appreciation and love