~ All things Ben O’Callahan ~ Joey W. Hill ~ Trailer

~ All things Ben O’Callahan ~ Joey W. Hill ~ Trailer


“You’re going to have to help me learn how to love you.”

When I think about the one man, above all men, that I read about in my books that I would run away with, it is Ben O’Callahan.  For me, he is my top BBF. I have several that come extremely close, but Ben edges them all out. It might be the green eyes, his Irish ancestory, the vision I have of him in my head or just the fact he is the Ass Man of the Knights of the Boardroom….in any case, for me, Ben is the man. He is a Master, a Sadist, a lawyer, a lover and underneath it all such a sexy romantic. I like to think he is all mine, but I have found several other women on goodreads who would like to fight me for him. In the end, I would hope Ben would pick me.  So for all of the Ben O’Callahan fans and for those of you who haven’t met him….in this room we will pay homage to our favorite Knight…..I love you Ben!

XX, Nina.

(and thanks to Irene for making this amazing Trailer)


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