Author Day – Heidi McLaughlin – Teasers For ‘Finding My Way’ Book 4 In ‘The Beaumont Series’

Author Day – Heidi McLaughlin – Teasers For ‘Finding My Way’ Book 4 In ‘The Beaumont Series’



Teaser 1

“I want to you meet a friend of mine,” she says. “Liam this is Tess and her son Harrison James. Tess is the personal assistant to my casting agent.” We spent a day going over all the jobs in the industry. There are so many that I got lost and like a true grandma, she made a list for me so I wouldn’t forget. “Harrison plays the drums at a club called Metro. They have open mic nights if you’re interested in talking to him about it,” she whispers. I nod, acknowledging what she’s telling me. 

I step forward and shake both their hands. “It’s nice to meet you both,” I say.

 Teaser 2

Practice today sucked. That is the only way to sum it up. All I do is stand on the sidelines, the same pose for the entire practice – me with my helmet on and my hands cinched tightly the collar of my jersey – waiting for my name to be called.

It’s being called now. One of the students calls my name and I walk up on the small stage and sit on a stool with my guitar resting on my knee. It’s hard to think back to when I was packing to leave that I almost threw it out, but thought better of it. If anything, I thought, I’d be able to play it in my room at night. It’s not like I have a roommate that would be put off with my playing. Being up on the stage, in front of my peers, pouring my heart out gives me a different kind of satisfaction. It’s knowing that I’m entertaining them, affording them the opportunity to put their worries aside for a brief moment and just relax. At least that’s how I feel about music while I’m playing. Strumming my guitar and creating a melody, even if the words aren’t mine, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something great. Hearing them clap for me, before I even start playing, makes me feel like this is my path.

But how do I change my path, one that has been set out for me for as long as I can remember? I can’t. I’m here on scholarship to play football, not play guitar and cover other peoples’ songs. At best, this is a hobby.

Tonight, after performing, I’m relieved. The stress from the day is gone at least for the time being. I like walking across campus with my guitar on my back and hearing people ask me when I’m going to play again. No one knows me as a member of the Longhorn football team, they know me as the guy who gets on stage and sings for them and I think I like that.

 Sneak Peek of the photo shoot for ‘Finding My Way’

finding my way photo shoot

Coming Your In 2014


unnamed Heidi Banner Tammy




unnamed Heidi Banner Tammy

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