Author day ~ Nina interviews Alessandra Torre ~

Author day ~ Nina interviews Alessandra Torre ~

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I got got the opportunity to ask Alessandra a few more in depth questions than her original 20 questions we did a while back.  I hope you get a little more insight into this author who The SUBCLUB girls just adore!!

What were you doing before you became a full time writer? I was a secretary to a real estate developer. Before that, personal banking. Super exciting stuff.

How is your life different that it was 5 years ago? 5 years ago I was, for a brief moment, a stay at home wife. Life was too boring. Now, I stay at home, but run out of minutes in every day. Everything is different. I now make almost as much money as my husband, which means my shoe closet has tripled. J

Most embarrassing moment? Too embarrassing. I’d have to kill you.

What is the craziest thing a fan has asked you to do? Call her mother.

How do you pick the names of your characters? It’s extremely difficult to do. I need to buy a baby book or something. Anyone I’ve ever known, I try to rule out. That makes the list of options short.

How were the characters of Brad & Julia born? Brad and Julia were based on the love story of my husband and I. Not the crazy sex, but the circumstances of our meeting, and how we interact as a couple. Though he is not in the mafia, and I am not banging strangers on the weekend J

You wrote Blindfolded Innocence a year ago, did you change it a lot with the new release? No, not really. All I did was add some more sex scenes, lengthen the ones that were present. Fill in some holes.

Do you travel a lot? If so, where is your favorite place you have been? Where is some place you are dying to visit? I have traveled a lot more this year, due to signings. My favorite place in the world is the Florida Keys. I also love Nassau, Bahamas. I love sand and sun and laid back living. I want to travel to… hmmm. I’m pretty happy as is. Alaska. I’d like to go to Alaska.

You have written some EXTREMELY sexy men! Was it hard to put Brad De Luca out of your head to write Nathan Dumont or Paul or Stewart? Brad De Luca is ALWAYS in my head. The man doesn’t know when to give up.  But… no. My other book boyfriends were easy to move on to, sort of like the stranger that you fantasize about. Writing allowed me to just spend extra time on that fantasy.

What does your writing space look like? What is the one thing you must have near you when you write? I’m in the space right now. It’s a sectional couch in my office. Surrounded by windows. I have a great view of the golf course and a marina. My dogs curled up on either side of me. Quiet. I must have a laptop charger nearby, and I have a tub of snacks to eat in easy reach.

Do you envision people as your characters? If so, who do you see? No, I don’t envision people. Well.. not normally. I had Blake Lively stuck in my head as Madison (Sex Love Repeat) because I had seen the movie Savages and loved her easy approach to having two men. But it is very difficult for me to find actors/actresses that really fit who I am imagining in these roles.

What is your favorite part of the writing process? Least favorite part? Favorite part: jumping into a world different from my own and living out the guilty pleasures there. Least favorite part? Chapters. Chapter numbers and formatting is an absolute bitch. I should sub it out to someone but I’m a control freak.

When you read for pleasure what do you like to read? Any authors or books you suggest? I read thrillers in my spare time. So.. Lisa Gardner, Gillian Flynn, JA Konrath. Those are my ‘go to’ authors.

Do you have any Book Boyfriends…if so, can you name a few? Since I don’t read a lot of erotica, it’s hard to name book boyfriends. BUT, I did love Ben from Arsen, hate the guy from Consequences but he turns me the hell on, love Christian Grey, and… hmm. I’d have to look thru my kindle for more.

What is the one thing you want your readers to walk away from your books feeling? I want them to need a moment or five or three days to decompress. I want it to affect them.

What is your favorite social media? Twitter, though I’m afacebook groups fan.

Favorite Drink? Dr pepper

Best Word? want

Worst word? laundry

Worst fashion trend? Gladiator shoes. high waisted shorts.

Favorite junk food you couldn’t live without? Cookie dough.

I have learned a bit more over the past few months getting to know Alessandra through her books and emails that we’ve swapped….she is an amazing writer, loves what she does, has a huge following of fans and a very expensive shoe addiction!!




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