Author Day- Tammara Webber Interviews Christina Lee

Author Day- Tammara Webber Interviews Christina Lee

unnamed christina Tammara Webber and Christina Lee are two of our favorite authors. These women  write with such passion and honesty.  Their characters are vibrant and full of hope. Hope you all love it as much as we did.            

Author Interview 1

TAMMARA: Hey Christina! Thanks for agreeing to be grilled – I mean interviewed. I’ll be gentle, I promise! Mostly.

CHRISTINA: *eyes wide, chewing lip*

TAMMARA: First – out of all your books, who was your favorite character to write, and why?

CHRISTINA: Hmmm…it’s a toss -up between Avery from ALL OF YOU and Kai from WHISPER TO ME. Avery, because she’s strong and unapologetic—I wish I could be that brazen sometimes. I still worry too much about hurting people’s feelings or doing the right thing. It’s a huge lifelong lesson to not base your own self-worth on the acceptance of others, one I’m trying to teach my own child. And then there’s Kai. He is just a beautiful soul, so carefree and talented. And that dirty mouth! *sigh* I loved getting inside his head. What about you Tammara? I know which character(s) from your books are my favorite, but I’d love to hear you answer your own question. 😉

TAMMARA: This is not about me!! Okay, fine. Reid Alexander. Because (a) Holy smartasstic arrogance… ungh. If a guy can pull it off, cheeky self-confidence is my kryptonite. And (b) When Reid falls, oh man. He falls. I loved writing his POV, even though I sorta wanted to strangle him for the first two books. Okay then! Which Kai scene do YOU think is the swooniest. (You needn’t go for explicit – unless you wanna!) And because I want to complicate the question – when it comes to swoony boys, is it what he says, or what he does?

CHRISTINA: ZOMG, Reid is my favorite of your guys! His character growth is awesome, he’s so darn HOT, and all the YESSES to cheeky self-confidence! *happy sigh*

TAMMARA: Right?? Reid is the king of cheeky self-confidence. Until someone comes along and shoves it out from under him. Heehee.

CHRISTINA: On to your COMPLICATED ( O_o) question. The Kai scene I find the swooniest is the first time Rachel secretly enters his room at night. He’s been in love with her for three years, is finally skin to skin with her and his thoughts and emotions bombard him all at once about being that close to the girl of his dreams. It still makes chest tighten painfully when I read it back. *another happy sigh*

TAMMARA: RAWR. Ahem. I mean… *sigh*

CHRISTINA: As far as what a hero says versus what he does? Gosh, it’s such a toss up. Because there are definitely things swoony boys say that make my heart race. But then there are those silent actions—the fingers at the jaw, the lips at the ear—that make me melt big time. Huh, I think actions probably do have an edge over words for me. So let me flip it on you, Tammara and ask you about Lucas. Lucas is so darn beautiful and deep and romantic. What is the swooniest thing he says or does in Easy or Breakable that still has an effect on you?

TAMMARA: When Lucas said, “Fuck it,” slammed Jacqueline against the door and kissed her. For me, there’s nothing better than a beta guy with alpha moments, and those words coupled with that action from him was pure alpha eruption from a usually quiet, careful guy. I knew the vulnerability he was trying to hide from Jacqueline, and what surrendering to his desire for her meant to him. That was the first big crack in his resolve.

CHRISTINA: Oooooooh yeah. Agree, definitely a scene I love and have swooned over. Even read it a couple of times to get my swoon back on. Brilliant. And I know what you mean about beta guys. I tend to write mostly beta guys with alpha moments. RAWR!

TAMMARA: The next question is a tough one. For readers who don’t know, Christina and I have something in common – we both lost a sibling to AIDS. My brother was diagnosed when he was 23. He didn’t go quietly; he fought it all the way down. It was ugly and horrible, and he was incredibly brave. It wasn’t until after he died, after I’d gotten through the initial grief of losing the boy who’d been my best friend throughout childhood and adolescence, that I began to remember him as he’d been before he got sick – happy and beautiful and hilariously funny. A little piece of Tim is in every gay character I’ve written, but he’s also in Lucas’s artistic abilities, Dori’s trusting relationship with her sister, and the emotion behind Lucas’s grief – and guilt – over his mother’s death. If any one thing in my life profoundly affected my writing, it was the loss of my brother. It was watching his partner and my parents and my husband (who knew Tim before he knew me) and my children deal with that loss. Christina, tell me about your brother, your own loss, in terms of how that affected you as a writer.

CHRISTINA: That was so powerful. I’m sniffling and have a huge damn lump in my throat. Thank you for sharing that Tammara! XOXO My brother was honestly one of the coolest guys I have ever known. He was brilliant, passionate, adventurous and in his own way, outspoken and defiant about his beliefs. I loved that about him. The year after his diagnosis was awful and brutal and gut-wrenching. But I’ll never forget that final peaceful stage, when he ultimately accepted his death and the amazing words he used to help me accept it as well. The night he died, he appeared to me in a dream and he was completely whole and healed and that is how I will always remember him. He was older than me and in a very committed and romantic relationship. We kept in contact with his boyfriend after his death as he continued to struggle—as we all did—with coming to terms with his loss. It affected me profoundly in every facet of my life, especially in raising my own son. When I write about intense and overwhelming love and loss in my stories, my brother is quintessentially in those scenes: With Quinn and Ella especially, as they struggled with hope and loss in Before You Break—but also in Bennett, who stands up for his beliefs, and in Kai, for being a gorgeous and artistic soul.

TAMMARA: {{{hug}}} Let’s do a few fun questions, because otherwise the SubClub Girls are never going to invite me back! First up – one of your books is going to be made into… a MUSICAL! Which book is it, and will it initially be on film or Broadway?

CHRISTINA: LOL! Woo, let’s see. Maybe ALL OF YOU would look good on Broadway. Bennett could translate all his poems into songs!

TAMMARA: Which of your characters did you most want to strangle while writing him or her?

CHRISTINA: I most wanted to strangle Avery and I think some of my readership did too. 😉 But I needed to write her as authentically as I imagined her in my head. She’s tough and unrepentant and I totally understood her motivations—and then I grew to love her. Fact is, I knew a couple of women like her from my social work days and in the end, they were strong women to be admired!

TAMMARA: As attracted as I am to a guy’s intelligence and snark, I have a not-so-secret adoration for forearms. I don’t know what it is… but a nicely-turned male forearm just makes me feel naughty. Add a dress shirt with sleeves shoved past the elbows and a big leather-banded watch and SWOON. What’s your OH-LORDY-IT’S-HOT-IN-HERE body part on a guy?

CHRISTINA: Nice, Tammara, Niiiiiice!!! My OH-LORDY-IT’S-HOT-IN-HERE body part on a guy in that place on their sculpted waist that dips in when they’re wearing a snug fitting t-shirt—or not wearing a shirt, either way! Yes, I’m strange. *fans self* A super close second though is lips. Oh lordy, LIPS. ‘Nuff said.

TAMMARA: If you found yourself in a horrible alternate world where you weren’t allowed to write romance (GASP and NOOOOoooooo!)! What will you do for a living? I understand you have a hand-made jewelry business on the side, correct? Would you go back to doing that full time? Would you write mysteries? Children’s books? Biographies?

CHRISTINA: GASP, say it isn’t so!!!! Well for years I wrote YA (paranormal and contemp) before my pub deal with Penguin for NA Romance, so maybe YA or MG. But before that I worked for years in mental health and I quit to finally write and start my own jewelry business. So I’d have to do one or the other or both. I certainly cannot imagine never writing again.

TAMMARA: Finally, tell me one weird (non-writerly) goal you’ve accomplished in the past year, and one you have for the coming year! J (Mine: After a lot of inner debate, I stopped coloring and highlighting my hair. I decided to let the silver grow in for a year and see what I thought. It’s been ten months, and so far, I love it! My oddball goal for the coming year: killer biceps!)

CHRISTINA: Ahhh, so when I saw you at RT you were doing this with your hair? You actually looked blonde to me, Tammara (and gorgeous)! I love that idea! I’ll take your killer biceps and raise you some “pre-baby” stomach. My goal for the coming year. *high five* The goal that I’ve been working on this past year (it isn’t that weird but here goes): To be present in every moment. So when my Little Bean is talking to me, I put down my phone or book and look at him—really look at him. See how his beautiful mouth forms the words and how wide and excited his hazel eyes are. Actually experience more moments before they flutter away! Does that make sense?

TAMMARA: Perfect sense! And very difficult to do. I commend you for making that a goal! Thanks so much for such an awesome interview. I heart you so much and can hardly wait to read Promise Me This!

CHRISTINA: THANK YOU, Tammara, for chatting with me for this interview, and to Sub Club for arranging it—you ROCK. It’s been fantastic getting to know you better. And guess what? I heart you even more now. XOXO

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About the Author 1

  About the Author Mother, wife, reader, dreamer. Christina lives in the Midwest with her husband and son–her two favorite guys. She’s addicted to lip gloss and salted caramel everything. She believes in true love and kissing, so writing romance novels has become a dream job. She also owns her own jewelry business, called Tags-n-Stones, where she hand-stamps meaningful words or letters onto silver for her customers. She loves to hear from her readers. Follow Christina Lee Twitter Facebook Website Buy The Book 1

About the Author 1   Author of Breakable, Easy, and the Between the Lines series. I’m a former undergraduate academic advisor, married to my high school sweetheart, mother to three adult children and four very immature cats. Please check my blog, (, for book updates. If you have questions, I have an FAQ tab there, with a public email address listed for anything not covered. :) Follow Tammara Webber on FaceBook/ Twitter/ GoodReads

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