Cover Model Monday ~ Nina Interviews Steffen Hughes ~

Cover Model Monday ~ Nina Interviews Steffen Hughes ~

Nina Cover Model Monday


A few months ago I was in Atlanta at a book signing and as I was walking around I noticed a BUNCH of women standing around an author’s table taking pictures with an incredibly good looking guy. As I circled the room and got closer to the table, I noticed that he was the cover model on the book. As the day wore on and the authors were getting ready to leave, I decided to go up and introduce myself. After meeting the author and talking about our blog and our Cover Model Monday segment she introduced me to Steffen Hughes….the cover model for her book.  I must admit I was taken aback not only by his sheer good looks but also the fact that he was so friendly and polite. After a brief conversation and getting his information I said my goodbyes hoping that he would really come through for us to do an interview. Later on that evening I discovered he was not only a cover model, but he is also a country music singer. Nice, good looking and a music star….talk about hitting the trifecta!

I hope that as you read through his interview and see Steffen’s pictures, you will take away more than the good looks he presents. He is a hard working and humble Southern boy and extremely down to earth. Steffen is a guy you automatically feel comfortable being around because he exudes friendliness not cockiness.  Enjoy this weeks Cover Model Monday!

xoxo, Nina & BSG

Axel - Harper Sloan


Q.  Is there anything about you that you don’t like, or would like to change?  

A. ummm I would say my patience level. It seems to be very short. That and I find myself being a pessimist too much. I always see the negative or the “failure” option. Instead of finding good in things, I pick out the negative.

Q. Favorite media(s) to interact with fans?        

A. Well I would or should say Facebook but they have it so limited that’s its hard to. That and now being country singer and modeling as well, everything I do so scrutinized it’s getting where it isn’t fun anymore.

Q. Truck, Sports car or luxury car?

A. I would say truck for sure.

Q. What are 3 things you couldn’t live without?               

A. hot showers, guitar, and piece of mind


Q. Sleep in the nude or pajamas?

A. gym shorts

Q. How did you get come about, getting your 1st book cover?

A. ummmm, furiousfotog (golden) just emailed me and said he had author approach me about being on her cover.

Q. Photographer(s) you have worked with and who is on your wish list for the future?

A. Golden (furious fotog), Ariya (xie4to), and Tim Skipper. Umm not sure. I do know I need to shoot with Eric Battershell but I am new. I don’t know any others.

Q. If you could have any modeling deal, from whom or what would it be?

A. I don’t really see myself as a professional model or could ever be one. I don’t have the “look” most agencies want so I am not very sure how to answer.

Trouble with the Law

Q. Being a trainer, do you have a guilty pleasure food?? Or pretty much just eat healthy?

A. I eat fairly healthy most of the time but love food. Just choose not to eat crappy all time. Makes me tired and feel like crap when I do.

Q. Have you ever considered doing a full audio-book for an author?

A. I have not. Is that me talking the whole book? I know this is bad but I don’t read. I can’t sit still longer than 15 minutes without feeling antsy, so me sitting and reading never happens. I did enough of that in college.

Q. Do you read the books of the cover(s) you are on??

A. No

 Q. Have you ever or considered modeling in total nudity?

A. No


Q. What’s the craziest/scariest fan moment you’ve ever had? Any odd gifts you’ve gotten from fans?

A. I haven’t really had any. I don’t get out much or been in the public much to have crazy things. Most just want photos. It’s been awhile since I have been asked to be somewhere so I am not sure when I will be out to meet fans for something crazy to happen.

Q. Idea of a perfect date?

A. ummmmm honestly don’t know. too many variables to narrow down things. I call it a great date both are happy, smiling, and end the night with good conversation learning more about each other.

Q. Favorite sport to play?

A. use to be baseball.

Q. Do you ever attend any book signings?

A. I have only attended one. I work 2 jobs and need to make real life bills. I have been asked to a couple but if I do go, I can’t go on my own expense. I can’t afford to leave work and loose income unless expenses are covered.

Q. Are you actively looking to do more covers?

A. I would say no, I have never really actively looked. If one comes along and things work then yea. I wouldn’t even know where to actively look to get a cover. Most just came I guess. Each one has just been from an author seeing a photo of me on a photogs page and them asking if would be and agreeing to the terms.


Q. What do you do to relax?

A. play guitar

Q. What is your favorite part of the photo shoot? How about least favorite part?

A. ummm, they happen so fast so there really isn’t a favorite part or least favorite part. Most shoots only last for about 30 mins that I have been a part of.

Q. Boxer, briefs or commando?

A. boxers and boxer briefs

Q. Anything we didn’t ask that you would want fans to know?

A. umm not sure. lol. I don’t know what they would want to know.


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