The Girls Interview S.L. Jennings (Author of The Dark Light Series)

The Girls Interview S.L. Jennings (Author of The Dark Light Series)

S.L. Jennings

THESUBCLUB is super excited to have S.L. Jennings, author of The Dark Light Series – Dark Light (out now) and The Dark Prince (out March 15th) with us today for an interview! 

Thank you so much for being here with us to do this!

S.L:  Super stoked to be here, girls! Thanks for having me! But I was promised wine…There’s wine, right? (waggles eyebrows)


SC:  Wine sounds fab!  😀  So we absolutely LOVED Dark Light (and of course Dorian *sigh*) here on the blog!  Where do you think the idea for the Dark Light series came from?  That being said, when did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

S.L:  Dark Light originally started out as a vampire story. I know…cliché, right? But I had these characters in my head that needed a voice. They were screaming to have their story told. I was only about one chapter in when my husband had the idea to make it about magic. But not Harry Potter-ish magic. Something sexy, alluring and urban. What came after that just made sense.

I have been a writer my entire life (Geez, I am just full of clichés today!). I wrote paranormal short stories in grade school but most of my influence came from writing and performing music from the age of 14. I guess I always knew that if I didn’t continue to pursue music that I would always feel the need to write.

SC:  We’ve seen playlists that you’ve created on Spotify for the series. Is music a big part of your inspiration as you write?  What other things inspires you?

S.L:  Most definitely! If the laptop is on, so is music. I have to have 3 things in order to produce: Eye candy, music & wine. Dark Light was birthed on those 3 things, as was The Dark Prince.

Speaking of eye candy…I was also promised strippers. I am pretty sure someone mentioned that. (snickers devilishly)

Colin Egglesfield

SC:  Okay, not a stripper but Colin Egglesfield is pretty eye-candy right?!  😀  

We love how smoldering & sexy Dorian is, how bad-ass Gabs is, an amazing best friend, both Morgan & Jared are, and even how irritating and evil Aurora is.  How did these characters come to life?  Are they based off of people you know?

S.L:  Oh hell yes! Gabs is a lot like me in ways: crass, rough around the edges, not so emotionally mature at times. She’s imperfect and uncertain about life in general. But on the other side of the spectrum, I have a lot of Morgan in me as well. Morgan is a compilation of all my best girlfriends. The crazy shit she says, her diva attitude, her love for fashion & hair…totally me and my friends.

Jared & Dorian…I wish I could tell you I knew these guys. I really, REALLY wish I could. But they are totally fictitious. There are some scenes that were inspired by my husband (don’t tell him though; he swears he IS Dorian…sure, honey) but for the most part, they are purely fantasy.

SC:  Dorian and Gabby have some pretty intense foreplay and sex in Dark Light. How do these scenes come to you as your write them?  Are these scenes made up or from experience? or both?

S.L:  Hmmm… Both. Come on, who doesn’t like a little kinky sex? I know I do…often. 🙂

SC:  Do you plan to make Dorian and Gabby’s story more then 2 books in this series?

S.L:  There WILL be a third book! For now, it is titled Light Shadows & release is tentative.

SC:  What can we expect in the upcoming second book The Dark Prince?  Will it be as dark and sexy as the first?  Any juicy details you can share with us?

S.L:  I think it will be even darker & sexier, to be honest. I spent a lot of time on character development in Dark Light because I think it is important in order for the reader to truly become emotionally attached. Now we can dive into the nitty-gritty. I’m hoping it will grab readers from page one & never let go.

I will tell you this… There are some new characters that you will love & hate. And while the cat is out the bag about Dorian’s identity, you will see things from both him & Gabs that are so undeniably vulnerable, human & altogether fucked up that it will break your heart.

SC:  Paranormal Romances and Urban Fantasy books tend to be less popular to readers for some reason.  What was it about this genre that made you want to write it?   Will we be seeing any other genres coming up from you in the near future?

S.L:  Holy shit, you’re right about that! I think PNR/UF stories take people out of their comfort zones. People can deal with the human relationships & emotions found in Contemporary Romance & Fiction. But PNR/UF demands that readers be completely open-minded & step out of their boxes. That’s not easy for everyone to do.

I’ve always been fascinated with PNR though I don’t read them often. I don’t want to step into anyone else’s world while I’m still trying to create my own. The Dark Light Series will probably be my only PNR project. After that, I will probably stick to Contemporary Romance.

SC:  What other projects are you working on at the moment that you can share with us?

S.L:  I will be releasing a standalone romance novel this summer titled Fear of Falling. It is an emotional story about a young woman riddled with phobias stemming from an abusive childhood. Kami’s past has kept her from living a full life & letting love in her heart. She meets someone that completely rocks her guarded, fearful existence and, while Blaine may LOOK like a bad boy, he is everything she wants & needs. That reason alone scares the shit out of Kami but Blaine is relentless and eventually penetrates her barriers. He’s also sexy as hell…that doesn’t hurt.

Fear of Falling Goodreads Page

SC:  If you could collaborate with any other author who would it be and why?

S.L:  OMG, there are so many I admire & have been fortunate enough to call friends. But I have a huge girl crush on Colleen Hoover. She is such a bad ass. If I could ever have that opportunity, I would type The End, and fucking die right there at my laptop. True story.

SC:  What do you hope people will take away from reading Dark Light and even the upcoming The Dark Prince?

S.L:  I hope to show a hotter, sexier side of PNR. People think it is always so heavily steeped in fantasy that they won’t be able to relate. Not true. I think even someone who is not a PNR/UF fan would enjoy the series.

Sudden Death

 SC:  What one of the 7 deadly sins are you guilty of?

S.L:  Fuck…I only get to pick 1? Ummm, Gluttony. I drink way too much. But Lust, Wrath & Sloth are close behind.

SC:  Favorite place to visit?

S.L:  Spain- Sangria, Paella & Spanish men…

SC:  Favorite scent?

S.L:  OMFG, don’t you fucking laugh…but I have a fetish for my husband’s armpits. I know, totally gross. But they smell like deodorant & him. I just lay there and sniff them. It’s heaven.

SC:  Boots or high heels?

S.L:  I’m going to say heeled boots because I live in Germany & it’s cold as shit here. Ain’t shit sexy about frostbite on your toes.

SC:  Paperback or ebook?

S.L:  I love paperbacks but ebooks are so much more convenient especially for speed readers like myself.

SC:  Favorite Author?

S.L:  Colleen Hoover, though I can’t read her books too often. I may jump off a bridge.

SC:  Kellan Kyle or Dorian Skotos?

S.L:  Shit. Um…Kellan Kyle. Dorian is like a child I’ve created. I would not be opposed to incest though. 

SC:  Favorite band of all time?

S.L:  Of all time? I don’t know if you’d consider him a band, but I am Prince’s biggest fan.

SC:  Favorite Sexy Time Song?

S.L:  The one that sticks out in my head is Mars vs. Venus by Usher. It stayed on Repeat throughout many sex scenes between Dorian & Gabs.

SC:  Real World or Fictional World?

S.L:  Hell, Fictional. The real world has bills & laundry.

Any last words you’d like to say to your fans?

S.L:  You all are fucking rock stars! Thank you for taking a chance on Dark Light & I hope I can continue to entertain you with my crazy ass stories!

Thank you so much for stopping by and we can’t wait for the blog tour of The Dark Prince!  We love you!

S.L:  Thanks, girls!! Love you all too!

Now about that wine & strippers… Seriously, I’m not leaving until my glass is full & someone is naked.

Guess we’ll be here a while so go and read Dark Light and get to know Dorian Skotos! We hope you enjoyed getting to know S.L. Jennings a little beter too!  O.o….Someone’s getting naked! Watch out now! :p

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  1. Next time, I’ll bring the wine & you girls provide the strippers! But I am not mad at Colin…freakin HOTTTT!!!! Love him!

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