Exclusive: Three Part Excerpt from Work of Art- The Masterpiece by Ruth Clampett

Exclusive: Three Part Excerpt from Work of Art- The Masterpiece by Ruth Clampett

It is no secret that we absolutely adore The Work of Art series by Ruth Clampett.  The last  novel in  the series comes out on Mar 2nd but we have teamed up with two amazing blogs to bring you a little taste one week early.


This is a steamy three part excerpt.

Part 1 is right here at SubClub

Part  2 at  The Rockstars of Romance

Part 3 at Schmexy Girl Book Blog


Work of Art book 3 FINAL

Has Max, the bad boy of the art world been tamed just as his girlfriend, Ava’s star begins to shine? Anything can happen in Los Angeles, a world where heroes become villains and the rogue saves the day. An unexpected plane ticket leads our heroine to a meeting that will change her life. What happens when what’s most precious to you slips out of your grasp? How fiercely will you fight for the one you love? Join Max and Ava for the dramatic and passionate conclusion to the Work of Art trilogy



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I wonder if my silence and twirling mind spook Max, so I stroke his hand reassuringly. Because I’m beyond exhausted when we step in the house, he seems unsure of what to say or do. He decides to feed me, and he heats up the leftover pasta from his dinner and pours me a glass of Pinot Noir. We sit at the kitchen island, and he watches me eat as if each bite is his own. I lick my lips and watch him watch me, too exhausted to make much conversation.

After dinner, I shower and crawl into bed, still damp and disoriented. He pulls me into his arms and rubs my back gently. I’m so in love and happy to be back home with him, and I tell him that in quiet mumbles. I have a vague memory of my knee hitched up against his erection, but sleep takes me hard.

The next morning dawns in a gray quiet light, and I lift my head and see a thick blanket of fog draped across the Malibu horizon. I settle back into the bed and watch Max as his chest rises and falls with each breath.

I observe him for a long while and become overwhelmed with the desire to see more of him. I slide the sheet off, excruciatingly slowly, to reveal his incredible body. His thighs…God, I love his strong thighs and the way they’re slightly parted, leading my view to his beautiful ass.  My insides curl with desire as I skim my hand down his back. I’m glad to be naked and warm, my arousal spreading through  me. I want him so much that it takes everything not to shake him awake and seduce him.



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Work of Art- The Inspiration

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Work of Art – The Unveiling

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Work of Art – The Masterpeice

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Ruth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director, Bob Clampett, has spent a lifetime surrounded by art and animation. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, her careers have included graphic design, photography, VP of Design for WB Stores and teaching photography at UCLA. She now runs her own studio as the fine art publisher for Warner Bros. where she’s had the opportunity  to know and work with many of the greatest artists in the world of animation and comics.

The Work of Art Trilogy is Ruth’s third publishing endeavor, following Animate Me and Mr. 365. She lives in Los Angeles and is heavily supervised by her teenage daughter, lovingly referred to as Snarky, who loves art and visiting museums as much as her mom.

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