Jenna’s Trailer for The Thoughtless Series

Jenna’s Trailer for The Thoughtless Series

Thoughtless   EffortlessReckless

The music is Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars.

This video is fan-made. We do not own any of the images or music used in this video. All copyrights to their respective owners. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!

This video is made for entertainment only and no profits are made from this video!


  1. I don’t see the video in the post…and want to 🙂

  2. wonderful Job!

  3. It’s working now and it’s beautiful, Jenna. Love the song choice. Kudos again!

  4. Squeeeee <3 It was Amazing and gave me major goosebumps!! Great job Jenna 😉 March 5th cannot get here quick enough!!!

  5. Come on March 5th I’m jonesin for a Kellan fix!

  6. Awesome job!!! Now waiting for March 5th!


  8. I’m right there with you guys! CANNOT WAIT for March 5th!! 🙂

  9. SO Good! Now I’m going to read Thoughtless and Effortless for a third time and anxiously await Reckless!

  10. That was great, WOW!!!!!

  11. OMG….I got goosebumps watching it. I loved it!! I cannot wait for Reckless & will recommend this series to my friends & family.

  12. I cannot wait for Reckless. Good job on the video. JARED LETO is my Kella Kyle at one point. Well, he is ONE OF MY KELLAN KYLES. haha.

  13. That was great!!!! LOVE seeing my two favorite pics of Kellan (Devin Paisely) in there!!!!! Can’t wait for March!

  14. I can’t view the video 🙁

  15. Sorry guys…it’s in googledrive jail….working on a fix!

  16. That was incredible! thank you for sharing

  17. Great job on the video. Loved it.

  18. Amazing video. Great job Jenna! I am so looking forward to this book.

  19. Loveeee it! Love this series!!!

  20. Wow…….what an awesome video. Thanks! I am so jonesen for Reckless and more Kellen Kyle. March seems so far away!

  21. AHHHHH!!!! Jenna I love it! You rock!

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