Jodi Ellen Malpas Answers YOUR Questions!

Jodi Ellen Malpas Answers YOUR Questions!

Jodi Ellen Malpas




Here you go Subclubbers!  Jodi Ellen Malpas answers your questions as well as a few sudden death questions from us!  Hope you enjoy it!  🙂



Have you always wanted to be a writer?  If you could do any other profession, what would it be and why?

Jodi:  It’s something I often thought about, but like most things that seem out of reach, you put them to the back of your mind and carry on with normal life. The idea of This Man struck hard, though, and I really couldn’t shake it off. The rest is history, so to speak! If I could do any other profession, it would be a personal trainer. I was an avid runner until recently, and I get seriously caught up in the healthy eating and fitness scene. If I wasn’t pleasing a lot of women with my vivid imagination, then I’d be pleasing them by dragging them around the park and getting them to knock the hell out of a punch bag. It’s like I have a compulsion to make women happy. 🙂

What inspires you when you write?  What inspired you to write This Man and Beneath This Man?  Is Jesse based on someone you know?

Jodi:  Women inspire me. Women are emotional creatures, and when I set out on the This Man journey, I wanted to write a book (I say a book because This Man was only ever meant to be one book) that would capture every emotion possible. As frustrating as Jesse and Ava’s story may have been for some readers, it’s all part of the plan, which was to have my readers feeling everything my characters feel. I wanted to pull them in, bash them about a bit with all sorts of emotions, and then chuck them out at the end of the book feeling exhausted.  I can’t please everyone, but the general consensus is that I have done just that, so I’m a very happy lady. Oh, and no. Jesse Ward is one on his own.

How much of the book would you say is based on personal experience?  If the answer is none, then how did you come up with story line? Is the character Ava written how you see yourself or would like to see yourself or neither?

Jodi:  Well, I’m not Ava and I don’t want to be Ava, but there are certain elements of her in me. Drawing from my personal experiences makes things so much easier to portray, although I only incorporate tiny elements of my life experiences, and not the bits you’re thinking of! A small example is an old boss who used to sit on a desk at work. I winced every time when it creaked. Most of my story is pure imagination.

What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?  What is your most cherished memory?

Jodi:  My husband is a romantic man, in the way that he constantly tells me he loves me. Every morning, he literally picks me up out of bed, places me on my feet and puts my dressing gown on for me before he goes to work. He knows I’ll fall back to sleep if he leaves me in bed. That’s quite romantic, isn’t it? My most cherished memory is of my niece’s birth. I won’t say the birth of my own children because it would be obvious, even if I was in absolute agony. My sister wanted me at the birth of her first baby and it was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I also chose her name. Lucky for my sister, I like her, so I didn’t call her baby ‘Arse’ or ‘Peanut’.  

Who would be your ideal actor to play Jesse in a movie?  Will there be a playlist posted of all the music mentioned in the books?

Jodi:  Ooh…who would play Jesse? I don’t know, but if it ever gets made into a movie, then I will demand a place on the casting couch and I’ll insist on rubbing oil into all of the potential players! I’ve posted the playlists to This Man and Beneath This Man on FB, and I believe the lovely ladies of THESUBCLUB are putting them up now, too.

Do you ever think you’ll write from Jessie’s point of view? Would love to know what goes on when he’s not with the Ava? Or maybe even from Sarah’s point of view?

Jodi:  Sarah’s POV? No, I hate that bitch. I’ve not the time of day for her. Jesse’s? Yes, although I’ve had to arrange a timetable of therapy sessions before I consider tackling that crazy man’s mind in any length. I’ve wrote a few short pieces ‘When Jesse met Ava’ and ‘When Jesse cornered Ava’.

Why does Jesse feel he can’t control his anger issues with Ava but everyone says he’s only like that with her?

Jodi:  I don’t think it’s just anger issues. Ava sends him crazy on every level and it is simply because of pure intense love. He’s never felt it, and it’s obvious he struggles with his feelings. Having run The Manor for so many years, all he knows is sex – no feelings, no emotions and no commitment. And he was content with that, until he met Ava. He’s an arrogant, beyond beautiful man who took what he wanted when he wanted it. Husbands and principles didn’t bother him, and because there has always been a lack of care in his life, there was nothing for the people who he’d upset to get payback with. He was untouchable. But now he has fallen in love with Ava. She is his weak spot. He’s crazy paranoid about losing her, and given his history, I think he has every right to be worried. It makes him a crazy, unreasonable madman.

That rowing machine scene was crazy hot, have you known anyone who’s experienced that?

Jodi:  Yes, Jesse and Ava.

I’m curious about whether or not Jesse is ill or dying?  I saw that a couple people picked up on some of the clues in the books like I did.  Please tell me that Jesse is okay!

Jodi:  Jesse is okay! Christ, I’m not about to kill him off. I’d never be able to leave my house again!

What is Jesse’s favorite peanut butter brand?  Is there a story behind his peanut butter love that you can share with us?

Jodi:  Sun-Pat. He likes peanut butter, that is all.

Can we expect an epic fight between Jesse and Mikael in the next book? Wondering if anyone will turn up dead?

Jodi:  So many questions…

Is Ruth one of Jesse’s ex-partners?  Will we ever find out who Sally is dating? What will we find out about Sam and Kate’s relationship? Will Ava get sacked for being with Jesse? Will Sarah finally be exposed to Jesse for what she is?!

Jodi:  Basically, you want me to type out This Man Confessed right here and now!

When will This Man Confessed be released?  Is there any info you can share with us about This Man Confessed?  Please tell me Ava and Jesse get their happily ever after?

Jodi:  There is no firm date yet. In hindsight, I actually released Beneath This Man far too early, not that you lot will complain! There were only three months between This Man and Beneath This Man, and that is mainly because after releasing This Man, I was so shocked at the response it got. I was constantly being asked about Beneath, so I just blurted out a date, which happened to be Jan 18th. It was way too soon and I put far too much pressure and stress on myself, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting it back after confirming a date. Well, I say I wouldn’t have dreamed, it was more like I didn’t dare! I’ve learned a lot in the short time I’ve been in the author world, so I’m not  confirming a date for Confessed until I’m happy I can meet it without losing another stone in weight and ignoring my family while I freak out at my laptop! What I will say, though, is that Confessed will be a chunky read, just as the previous two were. There is still so much to tell, and I can’t wait for you all to read it. It’ll be a very sad day for me when I write the final line, so I might put if off for like five years. I’m kidding, obviously!

Sudden Death From The Girls

Worst Movie you ever Saw or Walked out on

I would never say. That movie is someone’s pride and joy, just like a book is to an author. I can’t slate other peoples work, I know how it feels.

Most Uncomfortable Place You’ve Had Sex?

Jodi:  Okay, now when I first saw this question, I was in a hotel bar in NYC and I coughed all over my nachos. I emailed the lovely Kari and asked who would ask that, to which she replied…‘us’ to which I replied. ‘You little Minx!’  to which she actually laughed! I’m sorry, I can’t answer it. I’ve tried to think of a witty response, but even if I joke and say, ‘in a lion enclosure at London Zoo’, or something to that effect, I’m a little concerned that some people might take me seriously.   I’VE NOT HAD SEX IN A LION ENCLOSURE AT LONDON ZOO! I have in the crocodile pool at Central Park Zoo, though.

Kissing in the rain or Cuddling in Bed

Jodi:  Kissing in the rain

Music or Books

Jodi:  Arhhh! That’s really hard. Urmm, both! I’m sorry. I’m a cop out.

Real world or Fictional World

Jodi:  My Fictional

Vodka or Wine

Jodi:  Wine at home, vodka on nights out

Falling In Love or Staying In Love

Jodi:  Falling in love

Favorite Book

Jodi:  The Da Vinci Code. History gets me.

Favorite Food

Jodi:  Scrambled eggs

Prince Charming or Jesse Ward

Jodi:  Stupid question! :p

For More Info on Jodi & The This Man Trilogy check out her Facebook Author Page and follow Jodi on Twitter!




  1. Love this, thank you so much for interviewing Jodi!

  2. Nice to get to know Jodi the person. Thanks.

  3. Jodi you are awesome please carry on writing books for us to devour xxxx

  4. what are the clues that Jesse is ill or dying in the book? I totally missed this. can anyone help me out?

  5. Jodi is fucking awesomesauce!!!
    x gel

  6. Luv Jodi! I seriously hope she writes a book on Jesses pov!! ( he’s nuts ) luv it!

  7. Loved this! Rosie xo

  8. Great interview with Jodi! Thank you for having her here. I fell in love with Jesse from the first. Reading about his & Ava’s relationship, the good, the bad, the struggles, the emotions just got me. I think Jesse’s peanut butter habit & the way he eats it is funny.

  9. I agree with you Sabine, where is this part of the story of Jesse being sick??? Jodi, you are simply the freakin best and please don’t make us wait 5 years or 5 minutes more!! lol And where are these shorts from Jesses’ point of view, I want to read them please.

  10. Thanks for all the great posts on This Man/Beneath this Man. Loved hearing Jodi on why she wrote the books. A huge Jesse fan and would love to see more written from his POV!

  11. I love that to some degree we are all damaged yet we all deserve the chance to grow and figure it out and someone will love us. Flaws and all. I think Michael weatherly would make a good Jesse and I hope Matt and Sarah get their just dessert’s.

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