Release Blitz – ‘Tragic Tales of Strange Girls’ (Volume 1) By Suzy G

Release Blitz – ‘Tragic Tales of Strange Girls’ (Volume 1) By Suzy G

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Trapped and snowbound, a young girl and her sister sustain themselves on the one warm, vile thing available to them…

Her whole world is restricted to an underground bunker– a place she now shares with the corpse of her mother…

Stuck in a utility closet with a boyfriend and a bite wound, a teenage girl fights to stay alive–while a horde of zombies do their best to claw their way in…

Tragic Tales of Strange Girls is a collection of seven horror short stories. Each girl is a bit strange, each story a bit creepy, and each ending–almost assuredly–a bit tragic.



About The Author


Suzy G is a fan of all things beautifully creepy—and gets pretty stoked when she actually manages to write that way. She pens scary stories and ghost stories and Tragic Tales of Strange Girls (which will be a self-pubbed volume of short stories coming shortly). She lives at the foot of the mountains in the snow, but dreams of living near the ocean in the not snow. Her spirit animal is pie.



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