Review – Five Past Midnight Box Set

Review – Five Past Midnight Box Set






Synopsis 1


“Falling in love has never been so deadly.”

Five supernatural thrillers packed with action and romance, each introducing you to an exciting series. Honorable heroes, strong heroines and relentless suspense combine to bring you five page-turners you   won’t soon forget.

Veiled Target “USA TODAY” bestselling author Robin Bielman

Tess wants revenge, but thrust into an inconvenient alliance with her sexy enemy, she must trust the shifter she’s supposed to kill or risk losing everything.

Blood, Smoke and Mirrors Robyn Bachar

Hunted by a powerful evil, exiled witch Cat must entrust her fate to the man who betrayed her. Now Lex faces the fight of his life to keep her safe. If they both survive.

Slayer’s Kiss Cassi Carver

Fallen angels Gavin and Julian have been sent to protect Kara, but she s determined to track down a killer, even when she realizes her target may be the creature hunting her.

Soul Bound Anne Hope

Jace is no longer human. Something dark and powerful has taken root within him. Something that that could destroy the one woman he d sacrifice everything to protect.

Phoenix Rising Corrina Lawson

Everyone looks at firestarter Alec Farley as a weapon. Beth is the only one who sees a hero. But proving that could be deadly.

Warning: Contains shifters, vampires, witches, fallen angels, a firestarter and troublemaking faeries. Watch out for gratuitous violence, gripping emotion, unconventional sex, some foul language, and a love triangle that gives new meaning to the term hot-wings.











This box set is a paranormal readers dream. You get shifters, fallen angels, witches and much more all in five full length books from five fresh voices, all that will have you hooked.

The best description of the books comes from the synopsis. I one hundred percent agree with this and couldn’t say it any better.

Five supernatural thrillers packed with action and romance, each introducing you to an exciting series. Honorable heroes, strong heroines and relentless suspense combine to bring you five page-turners you won’t soon forget.

I am going to be honest and say that my favourite of the bundle is Robin Bielman’s Veiled Target because I have a huge rush on Hugh, the hero and okay maybe on Tess the heroine too. But that said, I have found 4 more authors to add to my must have list and I’m sure that after finishing this bundle they will be on a few more lists.

I’m going to leave you with my review of Veiled Target. As I said I love these characters and this book. I’m not ashamed to admit it.





Veiled Target Review

This is the debut paranormal novel from the fantastic Robin Bielman and let me tell you, that you are in for one hell of a ride.

Think Alias mixed with 24, then add in some paranormal creatures not to mention plenty of snark and you get a taste of what this book offers.

I was hooked from the first page where we first meet our kick ass heroine Tess to the last paragraph that left me turning the page with a satisfied sigh. Okay and maybe a longing for a Hugh of my own. You will understand why when you have finished.

In Hugh Langston and Tess Damon we the reader get two characters that are both strong, determined, flawed, hot headed, passionate, loyal and just plain amazing.

Few books I have read lately have left me with a crush on both the main characters and I can fully admit to having developed a huge crush on our hero Hugh and a girl crush on Tess.

“Men can’t think straight when a woman’s naked. Something about their brain cells getting jumbled. And then their favourite word becomes ‘yes’”.”

I guess I should actually tell you about the book right rather than just drooling over the characters, right?

Well, the book starts off with a bang. We are quickly introduced to Tess, an Eliminator for the clandestine government sanctioned group called P.I.E or Private Investigations and Eliminations, who tracked, monitored and when needed eliminate non humans aka Veilers.

Tess is on a mission for P.I.E and when things don’t go quite as planned her boss, who I couldn’t stand from his first appearance, gives her a new assignment and a warning that this is her last chance. She jumps on it for more than saving her own hide. You see Tess has an ulterior motive, she promised her dying fiancé that she would find and eliminate the person who killed him and she has every intention of doing so til she meets her target……Hugh.

Hugh is just…..sigh. I loved him. He’s a super-hot wolfen, the current alpha of the Night Runners pack, co-owner of an air charter business and a rescuer of a lost hiker/camper/fool in the woods extraordinaire and all round nice guy till you piss him off. Hugh is also in desperate need of a break away from civilization. But when his second in charge goes missing and he finds out there is an elimination order on him, Hugh forgoes his break to find answers.

When these two meet be in for a treat. You have heard of awkward blind date stories before but this takes the cake. Hugh takes the place of Trey, his second in command and missing, who has a date planned with Tess. To say he was a bit of an ass is an understatement but when plans change, the date goes from awkward to adventurous very quickly and ends up with a killer kiss that gives us a taste of the chemistry that sparks between Hugh and Tess. Talk about fireworks.

“No one else ever touches you again. I’m the only one who gets to kiss that sexy mouth of yours. The only one who gets to taste between your legs. And I’m the only one who gets to bury himself inside your sweet pussy and make you come. You’re mine to keep.”

Before long these two are working side by side, yes the eliminator and her eliminatee, trying to get answers as to where is Trey, who took him, who put the hit out on Hugh and is he really an innocent or does he deserve to die?

It’s fun to watch these two fight themselves and each other as they realise that the other is more than they bargained for. There is a both hot and tender scene at the hangar that is a favourite of mine.

We also see some life altering moments occur. It’s not all action sequences. For Tess the realisation that the organisation she works for and the family it gave her when she had none, could possibly be doing more harm than good, that she no longer wants to be an eliminator and realising that she could love again, show’s a different side to her that proves she not always a tough kick ass woman.

With Hugh it’s the anvil on the head moment when he realised that Tess is his mate and that he can love her. Which he never though he wold do after the heartbreak of watching his brother die from a broken heart. I know it will sound a bit mean but I loved watching him mope around without Tess. It showed a softer side and made me crush on him just that little bit harder.

Add in murder, a WTF reveal, betrayal, an absolute asshole of a boss, some wonderful best friends for both Hugh and Tess, whom I really want to get their own HEA (are you listening Robin?) and you get a fantastic book that kicks off what I hope is not only a series but a long term career in writing paranormal books. I have a new favourite para author and if you give this book a chance I think you might too.







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Anne Hope

Robyn Bachar

Robin Bielman

Corrina Lawson

Cassi Carver


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  1. Hi Rachel! Thank you for helping us spread the word about the boxed set! And thanks so much for loving Hugh and VT as much as I do! xoxo

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