Review ~Misjudged by Kathryn Kelly~

Review ~Misjudged by Kathryn Kelly~

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Have we ever misjudged a situation? Looked at life one way only to realize it’s something else entirely?

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell is at a crossroads. He worships his old lady, Megan. After almost losing her, he’s realizing marriage is harder than he thought, especially when he’s the president of one of the most notorious MCs around.

Megan Caldwell has been immersed in grief over her lost son, blaming herself for his death. She wants another baby and she wants to be the old lady her husband needs her to be.

Reality has a way of changing perceptions. Both Megan and Christopher will have to find answers to some hard questions. Most important one?

Where do they go from here?

Warning: This story contains a little of Kendall Miller’s backstory and a present-day decision on her part. It isn’t for the faint of heart and isn’t a hearts-and-roses type of romance. It has a little intensity, a smidgen of fighting, a lot of loving, and approximately 1360 ‘f’ words or variations thereof.



Ems Review

Kathryn Kelly’s Death Dweller’s MC series is unlike anything I have ever read. Each biker has their story being told but, there story doesn’t get wrapped up in a neat little bow. This novella is a perfect example. What if we never ask the right questions about our relationship? What if we misjudge what’s really going on? Maggie has doubts about her relationship and so does Kendall. What happens when the doubts they are thinking suddenly have a voice?

Let me talk a minute about Kendall. Now, like Kathryn told told me once for every one person that loves her, ten hate her. I am one of the ones that love her. I don’t always agree with her actions, most of the time I find her to be childish but I understand her.

Kendall has grown up in a world that has been less than decent. She has had to deal with two suicides, she grew up being bullied and told she was never going to be worth anything. When she meets Johnny, she finally finds someone that accepts her for her faults and still loves her. The problem with Kendall is, she is needy and even though Johnny accepts her, he doesn’t quite understand her need to know that he does. To know that she can screw up and he will love her just the same.

When Kendall doubts her relationship and when things are too quiet for her, she stirs the pot. She creates doubt for Maggie and Outlaw, creating a huge kink in their relationship. The thing that I discover about relationships, someone cannot create doubt unless there is something to doubt or fear in the first place. If Maggie and Outlaw were in such a solid relationship, Kendall wouldn’t have been able to crate the mind fuck that she does.

This is what I love about Kathryn. She makes no apologies for her writing. While people are telling her not to publish this book, she is simply putting aside the doubt and is doing it anyway. I believe this story needed to be told. Kendall became so much more clear to me. I wish the poor girl would just tell Johnny what she feels about him and about her. Johnny is her life line but she is afraid to just take it, for fear that he may run away too.

This story is amazing. I love every character, Outlaw for is Caveman ways and his fierce love for Maggie. I love Maggie for her strength and her need to find herself. I love Johnny for his quiet temperament and his never ending love for Kendall. I love Kendall for her faults, for her very real and human faults and her strength to keep going even though life hasn’t been fair.

I can’t wait to read Mortician’s story. I want to see what happens to all of these characters. Reading this series is like watching my favorite television show, I never know what’s going to happen and things are never as they seem. Bravo Kathryn!!

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