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Neda’s All of You Playlist


Emily’s Playlist for Give Me Reason by Zoey Derrick


Excerpt, Playlist and Casting for Who He Is by S.Q. Williams

Excerpt Grabbing the bar soap, I lathered it over me, my head tilted back in the running water until the bathroom door creaked open. My eyes widened, seeing Gage through the opaque glass door of the shower. His figure was solid, sexy. His strides toward the shower […]


Emily’s Playlist for Driven

Emily's Playlist for Driven

  Colton and Rylee’s Song:       “Did she play you at your own game, Ace, and leave you wanting for more? Aching to prove what a man you are since you couldn’t fulfill her? That you had to pick a frantic woman locked in a […]


Neda’s Playlist for OWG and SCB by Monica Murphy

Here are some songs that made me think of these beautiful books by Monica Murphy…Enjoy. Fuckin Perfect by Pink Harder to Breath by Maroon 5 Easily Bruised by Matthew Barber Good Enough by Sarah Mclachlan Just a Dream by Nelly Apologize by One Republic Damaged by Plumb […]


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