With love from Alice Clayton’s Jack and Grace.

With love from Alice Clayton’s Jack and Grace.


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From ENT magazine

 ENT has learned that for this Valentine’s Day movie star Jack Hamilton is pulling out all the stops when it comes to searching for just the right present for his fiancé, television leading lady Grace Sheridan.

 We can report that the sexy Brit has been blowing up the phones of Beverly Hills jewelers to the stars Harry Winston, trying to find something unique and special. “Mr. Hamilton has looked at emeralds, rubies, even sapphires, but hasn’t yet found exactly what he’s looking for,” a source inside the famed jewelry store has told us exclusively. Let’s hope he’s able to find what he needs!



From TMZ


Jack Hamilton is setting up a night to remember this Valentine’s Day, reportedly renting out an entire restaurant in Hollywood. Yamashiro’s, a famous sushi hotspot and long a staple for romantic dining with a view, has told TMZ in an exclusive interview that the heart-throb has been in talks for the last week with the restaurant, allegedly renting the entire space so he and his fiance, Mabel’s Unstable star Grace Sheridan, can have the place to themselves. Wow! That’s some Valentine’s Day!



From Hamiltoned.com


As if we couldn’t love him more, word on the street is that our favorite Brit is planning the most spectacular night out this town has ever seen! Reports have been coming in from all over that Jack Hamilton has been buying incredible jewelry and renting out entire restaurants for his lady-love, Grace Sheridan. Now it seems, that wasn’t enough! A little birdie told us that he may have rented a plane to do a little sky writing over Tinseltown, just to make sure the world knows how much he loves his redhead.

What do you think he’ll write in the sky?




From Jackedoff.com


We thought it would end. We thought she’d go away. We thought he’d wake up and smell the awful and kick her to the curb. But Jack still appears to be with that old hag, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep hope alive that it’s still just a publicity stunt orchestrated by their manager, and that it’s still just a way for that terrible Grace Sheridan to stay relevant, and that it’s still just a way to make sure he seems unavailable. And now, we are hearing he’s planning on taking her on a moonlit sail after which fireworks will be set off from a barge? In Malibu? For Valentine’s Day?

 Ugh. Barf. Vomit. Ack. Hate.


We still love you Jack, but this is getting a bit old.





Somewhere…in a bungalow off Laurel Canyon…



“According to this Jack, I’m getting fireworks tonight.”

“I’ll give you fireworks. Put down your phone for pity’s sake.”

“No, like, actual fireworks. And a boat ride. Not to mention the sky writing and the restaurant rental and the rubies and emeralds and sapphires. It’s a helluva Valentine’s Day you’ve been planning.”

“I hope you’re not disappointed, Crazy.”

“Yeah,” I murmured, ruffling his hair a bit as he planted a series of wet kisses along the inside of my thigh. “I’m real disappointed. Spending all of Valentine’s Day in bed with you has been just awful.”

“I ordered Chinese food,” he protested, slipping one leg over his shoulder and nibbling on his Hamilton Brand. “Don’t I get points for that?”

“Big points, George, big big points-oh!”

“Fucking brilliant,” he said. And then not so much talking…



Happy Valentine’s from Jack and Grace and Alice!! XOXO



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