With Love From CJ Robert’s Caleb

With Love From CJ Robert’s Caleb


Caleb is one of my top 5 book boyfriends…He is the man.  He is an anti-hero I can get behind.  So I maybe all kinds of fangirling right now.  I adore his love for Livvie.


The following takes place after SEDUCED IN THE DARK and before EPILOGUE: The Dark Duet

Special thanks to Ann Marie Rickman & Stella Bonanno-Héon for contributing sentences. Hope you don’t mind my edits.

February 2010

Dearest Livvie,
You won’t receive this letter or any of the others. I don’t know why I write them. I suppose it’s the only way to pretend a part of you is still with me and it brings me a modicum of peace, bitter and numbing though it may be.

It’s odd, the way thinking of you makes me feel warm and frozen all at once. It’s as though you’ve died too sometimes. I’ve lost so many people.

I try to remember you. Your face. Your touch. Your unfathomable love. I try to remember you’re still out there in the world. I’m afraid that if I forget I’ll abandon anything you saw in me that was worth loving or saving. I try not to wonder if you ever truly loved me at all or if, as I vehemently suggested, it was only your need to survive that sparked the fire between us. I wonder if while my body yearns to hold yours, aches to be inside you, if you feel only disgust toward me.

Are you still mine, Livvie? Did I manage to thoroughly reshape your soul to fit my twisted one? I have to know, Kitten. I have to know!!! Someday. Someday I will find you, I will come for you, I will claim you once again.

But in the meantime, I keep killing. Someday I will either meet you or my end.


charlie ro

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