With love from Debra Anastasia’s Eve.

With love from Debra Anastasia’s Eve.


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On a day about love, I find it hard to write to you. Not because of who you are, but who I am. When you start with a heart that’s mostly dead, seeing a red cartoon version of one in a stuffed animal’s hands is just rough. You think of the things you’ve lost instead of what you have. But having you makes me believe that my heart may be resurrected after all. When you hold out your hand to me, when you turn your back to danger and know that you’re safe because I’m here, all of that gives me hope. The only way my heart turns red is when it’s covered in someone else’s blood. And that doesn’t scare you as much as it should. I love you with razors and gunpowder and you can take it and deal it back to me. With you I can feel again. Happy Valentine’s. You make me grateful I’m still here.







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