With Love From Emma Chase’s Drew Evans

With Love From Emma Chase’s Drew Evans





Do you remember our first Valentine’s Day together?

I do – vividly. The flowers, the chocolates, the freaky staring bear…the body painted piece of art we made that’s framed on my office wall (best fucking distraction – it’s a miracle I get any work done at all).

Topping that one was a challenge – but we both know I always rise to a challenge.

So, I’ve cleared your schedule for the rest of the day. There’s a car waiting for you downstairs, to bring you to The Empire State Building (yes, I was actually paying attention when you forced me to watch Sleepless in Seattle – still a terrible movie). When you arrive, the three of us will enjoy a delicious, private dinner and watch the sun set on New York.

But that’s not all.

After a tough negotiation (and some bribery) our fouryearold has agreed to sleep all night in his own bed – so you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be keeping you up all night in ours.

Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,




Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tomorrow I will make you and Daddy cereal for breakfast.

I love you.

Your favorite Valentine,


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