With Love From Roxy Sloane’s Vaughn

With Love From Roxy Sloane’s Vaughn




Dear Keely,

Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolates, maybe even some perfume thrown in for good measure.
But you know what I really want right? To see you down on all fours on our living room floor, your ass jutted out just right, your panties wet with want.
And I’ll just look at you as you wait for me. Your gorgeous tits, your hard nipples, the way you want to clench your legs together to relieve that need between your thighs.
But you won’t touch youself. I won’t allow it.
I’ll walk up to real slow, tugging down those panties so they are at your ankles binding you together.
Slowly I’ll slip my finger between those gorgeous legs, and feel how wet you are.
Open wider for me, baby
I’ll unleash my cock from my pants and slowly rub along your swollen lips, until you beg me to fuck you.
And I’ll fuck you all right. Hard, and deep, all the way to the fucking hilt, till I’m buried deep in your pussy and all you can think about is the way your body needs mine.
And as I thrust into you, faster and faster, taking my pleasure as you get yours, you’ll remember what Valentine’s Day is really about.
Me fucking you into oblivion.
You. Are. Mine.
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