With love from S.L. Jennings Dorian

With love from S.L. Jennings Dorian




A letter to My Love

My Wife

My Queen

 I know you’re not expecting anything this Valentine’s Day, seeing as I strive to give you any and everything your heart and body desires. And you’re much too shrewd to gush over flowers and candy. But humor me, if you will.

Put the baby to sleep early tonight. I know it’s difficult for you to tear yourself away from our perfect little angel, but tonight you’re mine. And I take what’s mine.

On our bed, you’ll find something I’ve picked out for you to wear. You’ll love it. But don’t get too comfortable in it. It won’t be on you for long.

On the nightstand, you’ll find a glass of champagne. Drink it. All of it. I want you completely relaxed and ready for me.

When you’re done, follow the trail of rose petals. They will lead you to me. You don’t see them now because they won’t appear until I need them to.

Once you’re before me, don’t say a word. Let me simply enjoy the vision that is you. Shit, just thinking about you makes me throb with expectation. I need you, little girl.I need you so bad it hurts. Although, not as badly as I plan to make you hurt for me.

When I’ve satisfied my need to see you, I want you to undress. Slowly. Torturously. Let that beautiful garment fall to the floor and reveal your splendid body. Everything about you is perfect to me. Every line and curve. Every dip and hollow. Your naked frame is my most treasuredpossession.

Next, I want you to lie down on your back. Hold still as I touch and kiss you all over. And breathe. I need tobreathe you, baby. I need to take you inside me, let your essence fill me until I feel like I’m soaring. Spread your legs. Let me breathe the most potent part of you.

And when you’re gasping, panting with need, I’ll spread you even wider. And like I said, I will take what’smine. Over and over until you beg me to stop. And after we’re done and you’ve caught your breath, I’ll take you again, placing your face at the crook of my neck. You will take me as I take you. I want to fill you with myself in every way, shape and form. Then I will be the one to beg.

The rest of the story? That’s for you to decide. Take control, little girl. Show me just how dangerous you can be.


Happy Valentines Day, Gabriella.

Now…come find me.


I love you.

In life and in death.


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